Friday, November 9, 2012

Join the Human Race

Get Out There and Do Something

An Affirmation for Taking Action

Why can't I take advantage of my clear schedule?
It was exceptionally difficult for me to get out of bed and get moving today. The temptation to snuggle with Milly underneath my covers for hours was hard to fight. My issue is that I don't have any pressing work to do at the moment. I had a test yesterday and my academic schedule seems pretty clear from now until the way end of the semester. Most students would probably be pleased and relieved to discover that they had a break. The majority of friends that I have talked to about my lack work were envious or expressed that it was a good thing for me because I'll be able to relax and take it easy. Unfortunately my limited amount work evokes the exact opposite feelings. I am stressed because without school work I don't know what I am going to do with my time. How am I supposed to fill my days? Not to mention that if I don't have my academics to focus on I am not sure where my mind will wander. I am anxious that my thoughts will trend toward negativity, eating disordered worries, and social anxiety. I use my work as a healthy and productive distraction. It keeps me sane. Now that my schedule is clear and I have an abundance of free time I am just not sure what to do. When I don't have a definitive purpose or goal for the day my depression seeps in and have no motivation to move, leave my apartment, or join the human race.
Join the Human Race
 Today I truly had to push myself to get out of bed, put on clothes, take care of Milly's needs, clean up my apartment a bit, and finally join the human race so that I could get out there and do something. For me the "there" is Saxbys and the "something" is writing this blog. It seems that I will be encountering this issue a good deal in the upcoming weeks so I wanted to find an affirmation for action that could help me continue to find the motivation and momentum to get me out of bed each morning-

I act purposefully and make things happen.

I chose this affirmation for two main reasons. The first reason is the idea of acting purposefully or with intent. I do believe that everything I do- the way I dress, the manner in which I interact with people, the blog entries I write, and the assignments I complete- are done with a sense of purpose. My behaviors and actions always reflect a goal I would like to pursue or an attitude I'd like to present. I am friendly and converse with all people- friends, coffee baristas, cashiers- because I want to portray both that I am social personal as well as the fact that I believe all people matter. I always write my blog entries with a specific goal in mind and I attempt to communicate this goal through themes and my written word. When tackling an assignment my goal is always to do my absolute best and produce a final product that reflects my dedication to my education and my identity as a serious student. I have no trouble believing that when I act I do it purposefully. 
Time to greet the world and get out there!
The second reason I picked this affirmation today is because I want to believe that through my actions I am able to "make things happen." I hope that the way I interact with other people allows them to feel appreciated and happy. I'd like to believe that my blog posts successfully get my point across and that those reading them are benefited by words or feel as if they have gained something. I want to believe that my purposeful actions are meaningful and fulfilling my intentions. But, as always, I cannot be sure. I want to be able to embrace this affirmation and truly believe that by getting out there and taking action I am doing something that not only benefits me but positively adds to the world around me. If I can believe that my actions matter and that others are impacted by my doing something than maybe it will be easier for me to get out of bed each morning even if I don't have any assignments that are exceptionally pressing or important. I hope this affirmation can inspire us to get dressed in the morning and join the human race even if we don't have a responsibility or task driving us. This affirmation can inspire us to get out there and do something if we can believe that whatever "something" we decide to do is meaningful and has an impact. 

Lets choose "did" and do something!

Having a sense of purpose is not always thrown in our laps. Whether we are students or in the work force there will always be a lull. There is always a period when or work load lightens up or we have a vacation and we are just not sure what to do with ourselves. We get so used to always having something to do, a purpose, a responsibility or task, that we forget what it feels like or what to do when we get a break. It is up to us to create a purpose in order to fill this void. We can't disappear, stay in bed all day, and vegetate. I know if I isolate, don't move, and do absolutely nothing all day my depression will only worsen and I will end up feeling awful when nighttime comes around. But somehow knowing this information isn't enough to get me going some mornings. My plan is to use this affirmation in creating a purpose for myself every day. If I can believe that my actions accurately display my intent and make a difference than I will have no trouble finding a reason to join the human race and get out there and do something every single day.

Get up and go!

Our actions will "make things happen" (we just need to get out of bed first) !

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  1. This is great advice. Until I began voluteering with an organization that needs my help, I had some of the same feelings.