Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Thoughts Make Happy Days

The Power of Positivity

Remove the Clutter and Think Happy Thoughts

Remove the clutter from your brain-
These past few days my brain has been moving on high speed. A huge assortment of thoughts have been bouncing around in my brain and they are not the happy kind. I am stressed over upcoming final assignments and my mind can't stop focusing on all the work I have yet to complete. I am concerned that I have been isolating so I have been trying to force myself to go out and engage with people but I can't seem to have fun. Each night ends with me feeling as if I would have been better off staying home. My heart is aching over friendships that I've lost, friends I miss and have not seen, friends who live thousands of miles away and I may never see again. I am puzzled by my unhappy thoughts and recent feelings of sadness. I have almost reached my goal of completing the Fall semester! It is my favorite time of year and I am going to be home for it instead of in a treatment center, far from from my family. Christmas is getting closer every day! My favorite holiday is nearly here! I have so much to be happy about, such a great deal to be proud of, and numerous things to be thankful for. I should be ecstatic! Yet, here I am sitting with a brain full of sad, scary, and negative thoughts. I find myself yearning for the community aspect of treatment. I long for that feeling of be understood. I miss the bonds that I created and feel as if I lack the same type of bonds in my everyday life. I don't want to be in treatment. I want to be home for Christmas. I know I do. But I also want to be surrounded by people who understand me completely, girls and women who know exactly how to help and support me, friends that I connect with instantly. I am lonely because I feel as if I am not understood. I am sad because I rely on the company of my cat most of the time. I wish I had more good friends in my life, more people nearby, and more friends that I have a natural bond with. I do have some of these types of friends but not enough to let me feel fulfilled. 
Confusion fills my mind-
I am so confused as you can probably tell by the scattered characteristic of this post. My thoughts are everywhere and on everything. I can't keep them straight and I don't understand them. It's time for me to take a break from inside my head. I need to remove the clutter and make space for happy thoughts. Right now the negative clutter is taking up all of my brain power and I have no energy left to think happy thoughts. But as we know positivity can be a powerful tool if we choose to use it. So, I am going to attempt to extract these negative thoughts from my brain, clear my mind by removing the clutter, and save some energy to think happy thoughts. I'd like to offer an affirmation for us to concentrate on in the hopes that it will allow us to fill our minds with positive thoughts because happy thoughts make happy days-

I release unwelcome and debilitating thoughts and replace them with positive ones that allow me to appreciate the world around me.

Instead of getting stuck in our own heads- ruminating over unwelcome, negative thoughts- lets look outward and experience life. Our positive thoughts can help us to see the positive in the world around us. But, the first thing we need to do in order to get out of our heads, stop the the cycle of negative thoughts, and appreciate the world that exists around us, is remove the clutter. The clutter acts like a wall- trapping us inside our own minds, blocking our view of the external world, and forcing us to focus inward. It's time that we knock down this wall and allow ourselves to escape. Our positivity has the power to destroy this debilitating wall of negativity. Our happy thoughts allow us to see the world and all of the good it has to offer. These happy thoughts can materialize into happy days. As I release my stress about school I recognize and embrace the accomplishments I have already made this semester. As I let go of sadness about friendships I accept the warmth and love of my family. And as I let go of my confusion regarding the holiday and treatment I take in the present. I see and appreciate where I am  and what I have today. I know how hard I have worked to get to this point and I can't allow unhappy thoughts ruin my favorite holiday or diminish the strides I have made this semester. Once we get trapped in our heads and caught up in the cycle of negative thinking it is hard to find a way out. Well I am offering us all a lifeline right now. This is your out! Stop yourself now! Shut your eyes and repeat this affirmation as many times as you need. Lets picture the negative thoughts being released from our minds. Lets see the space being made within our heads. And now lets watch as positive, happy thoughts fill this newly made space. Our outlook- negative or positive- impacts the way we see the world and experience life. Lets choose to use the power of positivity so that we can enjoy everything that this day has to offer. Happy thoughts make happy days so kick out the negative and welcome the positive! It's time to remove the clutter, tear down the wall, think happy thoughts, and ultimately be happy!

Give yourself a happy day,

Happy thoughts allow us to see the positive in the world around us-

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