Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Unexpected Inspiration

Words of Wisdom from Bethenny Frankel

Ultimately We Are All Human

I can't even begin to explain when or why I happened upon the following quote from Bethenny Frankel. If you are unfamiliar with Frankel she initially gained celebrity because of her role in the reality television show, Real Housewives of New York City which led to a series of spin offs. She is also the famed creator of the "Skinny Girl Margarita" which led to her founding the Skinnygirl Cocktails line of alcoholic beverages. And furthermore she has added the title of author to her list of endeavors, creating 4 self-help books three of which include the phrase "Skinnygirl." So what words of wisdom could this pseudo-celebrity and self proclaimed skinny girl have to offer us? Well actually her statement is surprisingly insightful and unexpectedly inspirational. Her quote bears striking affinities to my own personal outlook on life and if nothing else reveals that ultimately we are all human.
Bethenny Frankel promoting her Skinnygirl Cocktail

“Make the most of every moment. Get excited about every little thing. Why not? Why not have your wonderful moment of excited anticipation? Why not be happy NOW? This is my greatest challenge, but something I'm pouring my heart into: learning how to enjoy what I have, right here, right now. Every moment is precious and although sometimes I struggle to see it, I see it more and more every day.” 

- Bethenny Frankel

Happy yet?
Quite frankly I couldn't have said it better myself. Why not be happy right now with what we have at this very moment? We spend so much time wishing for something else, something more, or someone else's life and neglect to see all the great things that we have in our own lives. We waste this time wishing for things we are never going to get or worse wishing for things that even if we did get we wouldn't be satisfied with. These things don't bring us the happiness we are looking for. We always want more. We're constantly thinking that there is just that one more thing or achievement that will bring us total fulfillment and happiness. The truth is nothing will. It's a never ending cycle of wishing and seeking. We lose 5 lbs and it's not enough we want to lose just 5 more. We buy a Chanel handbag and are satisfied momentarily but soon discover there is another, bigger, better bag we want. Or the bag is not enough if we don't have the matching ballet flats. 
Still not happy?
We graduate from college and our please with our success but soon realize that and undergraduate degree is just not enough and we need to get our masters. Than our masters isn't sufficient and we long to earn our doctorates. We get the new iPhone 4s and then months later feel that we must have the newest iPhone 5 that Apple released. There will always be something else that we want or feel we need under the auspice that it will bring us happiness. We need to stop searching right now. The things and people that will bring us happiness are right within our grasp. As Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz once said-

"I know that if I ever go looking for my heart's desire, I won't look any further than my own backyard. Because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with!"

- Judy Garland as Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz (1939)

"There's no place like home," The Wizard of Oz (1939)
What we need to fulfill our "heart's desire" and find happiness isn't over the rainbow, it's not sold at Neiman Marcus, it isn't found in our neighbor's house, it's not a larger paycheck, and it isn't something we don't already possess. We need only to look at our own lives and recognize all of its positive elements in order to find happiness. Lets learn to appreciate the hugs and kisses of loved ones. Lets smile when our pets greet us expectantly at the door. Lets be proud of our achievements and content with what we have been able to accomplish. At this very moment our lives are bursting with happiness if take the time to recognize it and stop wasting time wishing for something more. 

If Frankel's quote does not convince you all of this it does serve at least one other purpose. No matter who we are, no matter how much money we make, and no matter what material possessions we have we still desire something more. We still feel as if something is lacking. We are still dissatisfied because ultimately we are all human. Frankel is thin, wealthy, and famous (although I use that term loosely.) She is a self-made millionaire with a degree of notoriety but even she finds herself struggling to find happiness in her life and feel satisfied with what she already has. What more could she want? What more could she have or do? I truly do not know. But her words struck a chord with me. Her outlook seems nearly identical to my own: appreciate each moment, enjoy what you have, be happy. But the quote also served to remind me of something I already knew but seemingly forgot. No matter how perfect someone elses' life may seem we all have our own shit, we all struggle, and we are all human. Too often I pity myself and ask G-d, "Why me?" I think about this and I become embarrassed. Who I am to think that I am so important that G-d is intentionally targeting me? How ignorant am I to think, even for a moment, that I am the only person struggling with issues? Even Bethenny Frankel fights every day to find happiness. I am not alone and neither are you. Lets try to take Frankel's words to heart and search for sources happiness within our own lives rather than looking outward. Sources of happiness can be found, metaphorically of course, "in our own backyards." We can be happy now if allow ourselves to see that happiness truly does surround us in every moment of every day.

Stop looking, happiness is waiting at your doorstep,

"Why not be happy now?"

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  1. Your writing and quotes help keep me working on me and my happiness :). Thanks