Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Merry Little Christmas

Muster Up Some Holiday Spirit

An Affirmation for a Happy Christmas

Holiday shopping !
As I expressed in my post from yesterday, A Look Back, I have been having a difficult time this holiday season. I am struggling with accepting that this Christmas is going to be unlike the Christmases that I remember in the past. I am fighting with painful memories from my Christmas in treatment last year. I having been finding it difficult to muster up some holiday spirit. I have been looking forward to this Christmas for a long time now and it just doesn't seem to be living up to my expectations. Today I went holiday shopping with my brother and I finally began to feel some excitement and enthusiasm. Maybe there is hope that I can have a merry little Christmas after all. I want to share two affirmations with you that we can utilize in order to help us experience a happy Christmas. I intend to focus on these affirmations now and in the upcoming days as means of encouraging the positive feelings that I got a brief glimpse of earlier today.

I am excited and enthusiastic about this holiday season.

As the holiday draws closer my happiness expands.

As always, I know it can be difficult to focus on two affirmations at once. You have the option to choose which ever one seems most appropriate for you or you can combine aspects of both in order to create a single affirmation for a happy Christmas. I have consolidated the two affirmations into one statement that you are welcome to use if it better suits your needs.

My excitement and enthusiasm about this holiday season allows my happiness to expand each day.

This could easily be my Christmas letter to Santa-
This consolidated affirmation is perfect for me as I attempt to muster up some holiday spirit in the hopes of experiencing a happy Christmas. Feel free to pick and choose the elements that work for you in order to create a personal affirmation that provides you with the support you need. After all, affirmations only work if they are relevant to your wants and your life. As I read this affirmation to myself I begin to think of aspects of the holiday that I am excited and enthusiastic about. I envision the different festive outfits that I plan to wear for our multiple holiday parties. I think about the creative gifts that I have put together for my family members. I picture their potential reactions when they open them.  I imagine my entire family sitting around my Aunt's dining room table for our Christmas Eve dinner. I see my Mom, my Aunt, and myself drinking Mimosas and Champagne Christmas morning. As I think of all of these different things I begin to get butterflies in my stomach. I feel a grin coming to my face. I am starting to embody this affirmation. I am truly becoming excited and enthusiastic. With these feelings comes an undeniable happiness. All on my own I have managed to muster up some holiday spirit by simply thinking about the festivities to come. Close your eyes and focus on your own affirmation, whether it's one I have provided or one you have created yourself. Picture all of things that you enjoy about the holiday. Feel the emotions that are associated with these holiday moments and experiences. It may take time and concerted effort but you too are able to muster up some holiday spirit by using the simple concept of an affirmation. Once you have found this spirit allow it to fill your body and soul. Don't let go of it. 
This is the festiveness and enthusiasm I'm looking for !
If we can manage to maintain and bolster this new found joy than we are ensured a happy Christmas. I am so thankful to have finally discovered this happiness and enthusiasm that I feared I had lost. Picturing events that are sure to transpire over the next few days reassures me that Christmas has not been ruined for me. No matter what has gone on in my past I can still find reasons to be merry during this special time of year. Don't let anything interfere with your ability to be happy and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. We all have sadness and painful memories; but, we also all have the capacity to discover and feel joy and excitement. Sometimes it just takes a little reminder or some extra effort in order to realize it. I hope that you are able to find the same holiday spirit that I have recently began to feel. I strongly believe that this spirit will guarantee all of us a merry little Christmas and an enjoyable holiday season.

Good luck in your efforts to achieve a happy Christmas,

1 Day Til Christmas Eve, 2 Days Til Christmas!