Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunshine Day

Springtime in December

A Much Needed Dose of Warmth

A touch of Springtime in December-
This morning I woke up to discover that the weather forecast I had been relying on was accurate. Today is a beautiful sunshine day with a temperature in the mid-60s. After days of cold, darkness, and gloom I am happy to receive this much needed dose of warmth. My mood has been reflective of the recent winter weather. I have been overwhelmed by sadness, fear, and anger. But today I feel light as a feather. My mind is less cluttered than it has been previous. My energy shines like the warm sun that is blessing this winter day. And I am optimistic that this burst of springtime in December will help alleviate some of the negative emotions that I have been feeling. In fact this sunshine day has already worked wonders for me and the weather forecast is predicting another spring like day for tomorrow. I hope that the positive impact this weather has on my mood and demeanor will have a lasting influence, carrying me through the cold winter days that are sure to come later on in the season. But for now my mind is not thinking about future winter weather. I am staying in the present and enjoying this sunshine day that allows me to leave my heavy coat and heavy emotions behind. This morning I would like to start with an affirmation that expresses gratitude for this day that we have been given-

Embrace this Sunshine Day !

I am grateful to be able to welcome this day into my life.

While I am thankful nearly every morning I wake up (thankful for a goodnight rest, thankful for the comforts I have been blessed with, thankful to be alive) today I am exceptionally grateful. I can fully embrace this affirmation because I am genuinely pleased to be experiencing this sunshine day and can say without hesitation that I am thankful for this reprieve from the winter gloom. I needed a dose of warmth and a bit of springtime to help pull me out of the painful depression that has been haunting me recently. Today the sun is a casting a radiant light that is enabling me to see that life is not so bad. No, my life is not perfect and it is not what I had idealized in my past but it is decent. I go to a wonderful school and I am a good student. I have some truly great friends both near and far. I have a supportive family who loves me infinitely. I have a beautiful kitten who brings love and happiness into my life. And G-d has gifted me with natural talents- an ability to write, a melodious singing voice, the capability to relate to other people- that I enjoy taking advantage of almost every day of my life. While I have my own struggles I also have a great deal to be happy about. Sometimes I allow the negative and the struggles to take over and I fall into a devastating darkness. I am unable to see the bright positives that fill my life. This sunshine day has pulled me out of the darkness and cast a light on the positive in my life, allowing me to see and recognize them for the first time in a while. 

"When pain brings you down, don't be silly, don't close your eyes and cry, you just might be in the best position to see the sun shine."

- Alanis Morissette

Leave it all behind !
No matter what has been going on in your life- tragedy, stress, fear- don't allow it to ruin this day for you. As Morisette suggests don't keep your eyes closed. Open them and see the sun shine that fills this day. Allow this burst of springtime in December to work its magic on you the same way it has for me. When you walk out into the world today don't just leave your coat and gloves behind. Leave behind your worries, your fears, your sadness, your doubts. Let the sun's light help you see the beauty that fills your world and your life- your children, your personal achievements, your pets, your natural talents. The darkness of winter has a way of pulling us down into the depths of our own depression, misery, or negativity. In the middle of winter sometimes we need a dose of warmth, an unexpected sunshine day, to guide us out of the darkness and to illuminate the happiness and beauty that exists within our lives. Take advantage of this sunshine day and lets try to carry its effects with us even when the typical winter weather returns.

Take advantage of all that this sunshine day has to offer,

Lets celebrate this Sunshine Day ! Yay !

Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles

23 Days Til Christmas

Will we be having a sunshine Christmas ?

White Christmas, Bing Crosby