Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Finals

An Affirmation for Perseverance and Determination

We'll make it through this homestretch-
The end of the Fall semester is quickly approaching. I am two classes away from finishing and it's beginning to feel a lot like finals. It is the homestretch and I am completely burn out. My focus and dedication is beginning to wane. All I can think about is being home for the holiday. I am mentally and physically drained. I am having a difficult time putting my full attention to my studies in order to produce my best work. But, I know I can't stop now. I have worked too hard this semester to give up now and settle for sub par work. It is time to utilize an affirmation for perseverance and determination in the hopes that it will help me buckle down for the next week and half. Break is just out of reach. I can't sit back and relax quite yet. I am two classes, one test, and three written assignments away from achieving my goal- completing the fall semester. Lets consider the following affirmation in order to get us through this homestretch- the last few assignments and the final week until we can rest and enjoy the holiday season with our family and friends.

I back my goals with powerful determination and perseverance.

My goal from the beginning of this semester was to finish it. Over time my goal has changed a bit. I am still striving to complete the semester but now I long to finish it with the same passion, fortitude, and strength that I started it with. I have worked my ass off all semester to live up to my academic potential, build good rapports with my teachers, and do all of my work to the best of my ability. As the semester is coming to an end I am determined to finish it as strongly as I started it. I can and will persevere- ignoring distractions, fighting desires to take it easy, disregarding ideas to not put forth my best effort- and continue to work as hard as I have throughout the course of this semester in my last week. My final assignments will reflect my academic abilities, my dedication, and my effort. 
Sometimes the best way to persevere is to make light of the situation-
When the end of anything is near we often get the urge to slack off. We are exhausted from the mass amount of work we have already done and it feels simper to just to take it easy. But, we can't allow ourselves to do this. We can't let our work suffer and inaccurately reflect our capabilities as students, parents, employees. The holiday season is approaching and it is difficult to stay focused on the work we still have left to do. But let us regard the holiday as our shining reward after we have gotten through this homestretch. Let us stay determined to do our best at work or in school. We may be tired and ready for a break but we can draw upon that last bit of strength and energy that exists within us to persevere and make it through. The holiday will feel all that more rewarding if we know we did our absolute best all the way til the very end. It's beginning to feel a lot like finals, stress and exhaustion is in the air, the urge to neglect my work is strong. But I will not let any of these things prevent me from persevering and continuing to do my absolute best in order to achieve my goals. We are so close to Christmas! I am so close to the end of the semester! I nearly did it! This last week is the true test. If I can get through this without allowing my diligence to falter than I will have proved to my family, my friends, and most importantly myself that I am capable. I will be triumphant! I will have achieved my goal of finishing the semester and more than that. Three shining A's on my transcript will look beautiful and I know it is possible if I can maintain my levels of determination and perseverance as the semester comes to a close. The end is in sight. Our rewards are right around the corner- Christmas, Hanukkah, holiday parties and festivities, vacation- we need only persevere during this homestretch and all we are awaiting will be here before we know it! Keep pushing forward- we're almost there!

Stay strong and keep your eye on the prize,

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