Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All Good Things Must End

Farewell Winter Break

Back to the Same Old Grind

Farewell Winter Break
After 3 weeks of relaxation, sleeping in, and having next to no responsibilities I find myself saying farewell to Winter break and prepping myself to return back to school. Although 3 weeks have gone by I still do not feel prepared to go back to the same old grind. I am still exhausted from the stressful push that was necessary to get through the end of the Fall semester. I have yet to fully recover from holiday celebrations- my mind feels fuzzy from alcohol and hangovers; my body still feels bloated from an abundance of food indulgences. And I feel as if I was cheated out of the last week of my break. The death of my friend took a toll on me both emotionally as well as physically. I am still distraught and have yet to come to terms with the tragic event. I will be returning to school without finding the closure that I was hoping for. Plus, to top it all off, I was hit with an unrelenting sickness two days ago that prevented me from organizing my things and my mind before needing to return to school. This last week of break proved to be anything but peaceful and I am not ready to admit that all good things must end and say farewell to Winter break. 
But, whether I like it or not, classes begin again tomorrow and I am expected to be there, ready to throw myself into all that is school- class, assignments, social life, studying. I am quite concerned as to whether or not I will be able to handle all that is demanded of me during this upcoming Spring semester. I find myself longing for break to last just a bit longer. I want a little more time to get myself ready to return to the same old grind. How am I supposed to be a dedicated and competent student when my mind isn't fully healed? The emotional scars from the death of my friend are still fresh. My body image is horrendous due to all of my indulgences over break and it is resulting in a swarm of eating disordered thoughts. Not to mention that my clothes are still strewn all over my house. I haven't bought a single book for my courses yet. Nor have I organized my notebooks and folders for this semester. All in all I am completely unprepared and ill-equipped. What am I supposed to do? I want to start this semester strong because it will set the tone for the remainder of the semester. But, I don't feel that I am in a position that will allow me to do so. I can't magically extend my Winter break so I need to figure out an alternative that will allow me to feel prepared and capable as the Spring semester begins. 
As usual I am going to turn to a trusty affirmation that will potentially help me as well as you prepare ourselves for going back to the same old grind- school, work, early mornings, managing schedules, completing assignments, dealing with stress, etc.

I have the will, strength, and desire to continue working toward my goals.

I chose this affirmation for a couple reasons. First, it covers three elements that I find necessary in order to complete tasks to the best of my ability: will, strength, desire. Together these elements work together to build a steadfast determination that enables us to follow through with endeavors. Our will or resolve helps us stick to the task that needs to be done. Our strength allows us to complete it to the best of our ability no matter what obstacles may attempt to intercede. Our desire or want motivates us to continue forward. Not only do we need to fulfill this task, we want to complete it; this want drives us to keep going no matter what. It inspires us to perform at our optimum level. 
Determination: will, strength, desire-
Resolve, strength, and want create a determination that guides us toward achieving any task that is set before us; it enables us to make our dreams a reality. This dream or goal is the second reason that I chose this affirmation this afternoon. This affirmation reminds me that I am not just working toward completing this Spring semester but, I am in fact, attempting to achieve a much a larger goal- completing my undergraduate degree. This semester is just one more step in the process of fulfilling my ultimate goal. Embodying this affirmation will help me to not only be successful in beginning this semester but also guide me in the direction of my overall goal. I must tap into the three important elements- will, strength, desire- that create a foundation for an insoluble determination; a determination that will carry me through the Spring semester and beyond. Let us keep this affirmation and our larger goals in mind as we come to terms with the fact that all good things must end and return to our usual routines. Winter break and vacation are over. We have enjoyed its pleasures- Christmas, sleeping in, friends, family gatherings, relaxation. It is time for us to return to the real world- back to the same old grind.
Back to the Same Old Grind
Some of us may feel ready to say farewell winter break. Some of us may even be excited about the opportunity to return to work or school and be productive again. But some of us, like me, may feel that break is ending a tad too soon. We may be feeling unsteady and unprepared as we anticipate returning to the same old grind. This affirmation is crucial for those of us who are not ready to say farewell winter break and return to our normal routines. We can use this affirmation to tap into the powerful qualities that reside within us. We can use it to imagine the larger picture or bigger goal, realizing the importance of our determination when embarking upon smaller tasks; these smaller tasks often lead us toward our final goal. This affirmation and my ultimate goal- graduating college- will be at the forefront of my mind tomorrow when I attend my first class of the Spring semester. I have the determination to start this semester with an unrivaled fortitude because I long to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania within the next year. I must complete this semester in order to achieve my greater goal. I may feel unprepared at the moment but I am hoping that both this affirmation as well as time will work together in helping me find and utilize an unyielding determination that I know I possess. Yes, vacation is over and all good things must end, but that does not mean that what is to come does not hold great things of its own. 2013 is upon us. Spring semester is upon us (if you are a college student.) January has begun and February is knocking on our door. One good thing has ended but, who can say what good things are awaiting us in the future?

Say farewell winter break and hello to today,

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