Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to Basics

In Pursuit of Happiness

A Brief Refresher

Every once in a while I like to write an entry that reaffirms the intent of my blog and my initial goal behind starting it. If you are an avid reader/follower you know that Happiness One Quote at a Time leads you through the course of my life, relates my situations to themes and quotes, and then attempts to connect it to a broader picture or more specifically the lives of others. However I feel that after a long string of entries my main point has a tendency to get lost or at least obscured. And as my life speeds up and I find myself busy with school, friends, and responsibilities I find that I forget my life quest: happiness. Today I want to recommit myself to the goal of this blog and at the same time recommit myself to my pursuit of happiness. How do I plan to achieve this re-commitment? I am taking some time this morning to slow down, reflect, carefully write this entry, and ponder what in life is important to me and brings me happiness. And of course I am going to introduce an affirmation and some quotes for us to think about. First I will share an affirmation for happiness with you-

Being happy is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling each day.

I chose this affirmation for two reasons. Firstly it is true to my life because happiness is on of my "top priorities" even when I seem to have forgotten. This affirmation reminds me that the pursuit of happiness is important to me and is in fact one my main goals in life. Secondly, the latter part of this affirmation is a practice I would like to attempt to put into action. When we are thrust into the chaos of our every day lives we often forget to acknowledge the things that are important to us. Whether it's family, friends, charity, or in my case happiness it is important that we not forget what matters to us most and the best way to avoid this from happening is to acknowledge it every day. Consistently practicing the feeling of happiness can serve two purposes for me. 1) It will serve as a daily reminder that happiness is one of my "top priorities." 2) It will encourage and allow me to feel the simple  pleasure of happiness or joy for at least a moment every single day. I am going to attempt to embody this affirmation today and in the future because I believe it will help me stick to my goal both in life as well as in this blog.
Now I would like to offer a couple quotes that touch upon the themes of this entry: back to basics and the pursuit of happiness. The first is meant to connect to my recommitment to happiness both in life and in this blog by touching on the fulfillment of promises.

"Promise only what you can deliver.  Then deliver more than you promise."

Pinky promise?
- Author Unknown
When I set out writing this blog I made a promise both to you as well as myself. I promised that I would be committed to seeking happiness in my life and hopefully help others in pursuit of the same goal by sharing my personal journey. I have chosen to write this brief refresher as a means of ensuring that I have fulfilled my promise to you and to me. No matter what tangent I go off on my underlying purpose remains the same- to achieve happiness in my every day life and to guide others during their personal quests. I know that I have strayed from fulfilling my promise to myself. I have lost sight of my overriding goal. But I hope that I have fulfilled my promise to you and that my lengthy string of entries continue to help you in your pursuit of happiness. The next quote I have chosen is straight forward and more directly relates to the overriding theme of this entry and the blog as a whole-

"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.  Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude."

- Denis Waitley

I am not going to bore you or bog this quote down with a lengthy interpretation or personal analysis. As the quote says happiness is an "experience" of living life in a particular way. I want us to read and experience this quote in our own personal and unique ways. The only thing I would like to touch on is the lack of materiality of happiness, that Waitley proposes, because I think it directly connects to today's affirmation and the practice of feeling happy. Happiness is not a new handbag, it is not a cup of coffee, it not a friend, it is a feeling, an experience. Because it is immaterial we have the ability to practice it, feel it, and allow it to fill us. Waitley say that the only way to achieve happiness is to live our lives lovingly, gracefully, and gratefully. I think this claim is a little too specific. However I do believe that happiness is found in the way we live our lives- kindly, positively, honestly, along with the elements that Waitley suggested and many others as well. Our actions and behaviors can instill a sense of happiness within us that cannot be produced by any physical possession or person. Lets combine the affirmation and Waitley's quote by practicing living every moment of our lives in a positive way. If the affirmation and quote fulfill their respective promises we should find happiness every day.

Remember your goals and continue your pursuits,

Life is short so lets smile and be HAPPY !


  1. This blog makes me smile and more importantly, reminds me to make the time for happiness!

  2. Thanks for keeping your promise. Please DON'T stop!!! I appreciate your perspective.

  3. How insidiously external forces can exert negative influences on our thinking. Thanks for providing this back to basics stopgap. I really needed this reminder.

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