Monday, September 10, 2012

A Morning Chill

Thoughts for this Morning

An Affirmation for Optimism

Fall is in the air on campus-
I woke up this morning and a fall chill was in the air. Similarly my spirits weren't all warm and sunny this morning either. I am a little remorseful over the evening snack I indulged in last night causing my body image to be less than perfect. I am hoping that as the day goes on my mood will shift as well as the weather. It's supposed to reach a sunny 75 degrees today. Perhaps as the temperature increase and the sun appears a brighter mood will emerge from within myself- at least that's what I am wishing for. I am in need of a tool to aid me in sustaining these optimistic thoughts so of course I have turned to an affirmation. I am sharing two affirmations with you this morning. You can either choose the one that works best for you or try using both and allow them to work together to fill you with a sense of optimism-

I know that when I think optimistically about what I want, it moves toward me.

Choosing optimistic thoughts fills me with a renewed determination.

Time to escape the "blah" mood !
I opted to include both affirmations because I find that they both apply to my current state and both have unique elements to offer and strengthen me. My optimistic thought for this morning is: "I will feel better and more at ease as the day goes on." Crediting my mother once again, "We are what we think about most." If I can maintain these positive and optimistic thoughts throughout the day perhaps they will ultimately become my reality. I chose the second affirmation in order to reflect further benefits of choosing optimism and thinking optimistic thoughts. The more I think about what I hope this day to bring the stronger my will becomes to achieving it. I am not down or pessimistic- I am just in a blah mood. I am regretful and feeling icky in my body but I want to move past these feelings. These affirmations provide me with the notion that if I stick with my optimistic thoughts my determination will strengthen, I will be recharged to seek my goal, and my positive thoughts will materialize. What is bringing you down or bother you today? Can you flip these negative thoughts and create an optimistic statement for yourself. Use these affirmations to guide you toward optimism and convince you that optimistic thoughts can become your reality. As always it is your choice. It is your decision whether or not to try out these affirmations. You have the agency to use one or both or manipulate the two to best fit your needs. But I encourage you try thinking positively this morning and to believe that these thoughts can be more than ideas inside your mind. You can choose to be optimistic about your positive thoughts becoming a reality. "I will be successful in all that I do today." "I will encounter positive individuals who enrich my life." "I can make a difference today." The optimism I am talking about comes in two parts. First we must create an optimistic statement about our days and our lives. Then we must be optimistic that these statements will come true. Today I am attempting to be optimistic that as the day goes on I will feel better about myself and my body. I will be able to move past the negative thoughts regarding last night that I woke up with this morning. We should not have to carry negativity with us throughout the course of our day. Quite frankly it's exhausting to carry such a heavy burden. Lets be optimistic and believe that as the morning chill dissipates so will our negative thoughts. And as the sun emerges in the sky our positive statements will appear in tangible or real form. People may regard optimists as fools but the real fools are those who refuse to give it a try and reject the possibility that it may lead to higher level of contentment and even happiness.

Take a walk on the sunny side,

Out last the morning chill and look for the sunny side (even in your breakfast) !

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