Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Life to Live

Making the Most of It!

Have Fun, Love What You Do, Be Happy

I am writing today with a new outlook and different disposition. I can identify to particular events over the course of the last couple days that caused this personal shift. The first situation occurred last night. I was feeling really wiped after a long day of classes and was in comfy clothes and ready to snuggle in my bed before 7 o'clock. I was exceptionally disgruntled when I had to leave my apartment and go to the house next door to drop off a check. I was exhausted, comfortable, and not wanting to move. But when I started talking to my friend next door I realized that people were going out to a bar nearby. I had been so dead set on staying in and relaxing that I surprised myself when I agreed to come along for the evening out. I went back home to change and get ready but my mind started to try and convince me out of going- "What about all the alcohol calories?" "What if you end up drunk eating?" "You have an appointment tomorrow morning." And the list of thoughts went on until I finally told it to SHUT the HELL up! I was going out, a couple drinks wouldn't kill me (or alter my weight), and even if I do end up consuming some extra, unplanned calories what's the big deal? I could sit alone in my room, watching T.V, and bored or I could go out with friends, socialize, be around people and music, and have fun! The choice was suddenly obvious. In that moment I decided that I was not going to let my irrational fears or negative thoughts hold me back. I was going to do what I wanted to do and no negative, eating disordered, depressive thought was going to stop me. I finally had a moment of clarity. Life is not worth living if you are severely underweight, isolated, miserable, and consumed by uncontrollable thoughts. I have one life to live and last night I chose to make the most of it. I don't know if my moment of clarity will carry on into today but it's still promising. If I can have one moment I can and will have another and hopefully this clarity will no longer come in spurts or brief moments but instead exist constantly through my life. The second defining moment that lead to my mental shift happened this morning during a meeting with my advisor. I finally met with the Communications Advisor in order to officially declare my major and check up on a few of the classes I am enrolled in. As I was sitting with her looking at my academic worksheet that outlines my requirements and those that have been fulfilled I realized that I have truly chosen the right major for myself. Courses that full my major requirements are courses that I am genuinely interested in and enjoy- History, Sociology, English, Psychology. I have finally settled into an academic field that suits my strengths and fulfills my academic curiosity. I have abandoned the world of math and business that I was trapped in while enrolled in GW's Business School and am finally doing what I love. I look forward to going to class and learning about a range of intriguing topics- religion, witchcraft, the media, popular culture- and displaying what I have learned through papers and projects that allow me to incorporate my own creativity and point of you. My father often told me that if you love what you do you will be successful at it. I didn't always believe him and parts of me still don't but in this case I think he is correct. I am choosing classes based on my interest in the topic rather than shooting for an easy A and I am still earning great grades. I attribute this success to my genuine love and interest in the topics I am studying. I want to read about them, learn more, contribute my point of view, and share what I have learned. It's easier to study and do work when you enjoy the topic. Therefore when we love what we do the work seems less tedious, we don't mind spending more hours studying or honing our skills, and ultimately our final product is better! So after this lengthy, detailed personal account you may be wondering what I am getting at. Today my point is quite simple: Allow yourself to have fun and pursue work that you love and being happy will come naturally to you. I have a few quotes to share with you today that touch on the themes of enjoyment and passion-
I have chosen this first quote because it is light hearted, provides a visual, and speaks to just enjoying the present moment.

"My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it's on your plate."

- Thornton Wilder

Too often I question why I'm happy or if I am happy instead of just enjoying the experience. When eating ice cream we don't question if or why it tastes good we just eat and enjoy it. My advice to you as well as myself is to live life in this same way. Just do what pleases you, go for it, don't hesitate or wonder if you are making the right choice. If it feels good and right than just except it for what it is and appreciate it. Last night I wanted to go out well with friends, I put my thoughts and hesitations aside and I just did it! I ate my ice cream and loved every bite. I wish I could live this way every day of my life. But for now I am grateful for those moments and hope that in the future I will continue to experience these moments more frequently. The next two quotes I would like to share with you were said by the same person and discuss pursuing what we love most.

"Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night."

- Terri Guillemets

"Follow your passion, and success will follow you."

- Terri Guillemets

When I initially chose these two quotes I did not realize that they were in fact said by the same person. Now that I have noticed that Guillement spoke all of these words I can see a pattern and how they connect. First, pursue your passions with all of your might, heart, and energy. Second, once you have pursued them success will imminently follow. When we love what we do we provide a service to ourselves and others. Pursuing a passion brings us satisfaction, enjoyment and success yet it simultaneously impacts those we touch and are in contact with. When we do what we love we do it best and positively affect those who are impacted by our work. Additionally the people who we spend our time with are benefited by our personal happiness that comes from pursuing our passions. If we are stuck in a dead-end job or fulfilling tasks that we feel no connection with we are bound to be dissatisfied and unhappy in our lives. This unhappiness is like a disease that spread to everyone we touch. When we feel as if our life has purpose and we are fulfilled by what we do we are more pleasant to be around. Pursuing your passion is not selfish. In fact it is one of the least selfish things you can do. If you love what you do- teaching, therapy, nursing, fashion designing, hair stylist- you will perform to the maximum of your capabilities. The people who seek your services will be better off because you care about what you do and this caring allows you to be good at it. At the same time the personal impact of doing what you love will benefit the people in your life. When we are successful, fulfilled, and happy we are able to connect with others more truly and in a deeper capacity. Let us enjoy every moment of our life. Lets make decisions that bring us happiness. Lets pursue our dreams and share our abilities with the world. We only have one life to live so it is time that we start making the most of it!

Live life happy today and always,

Just have fun, period-

It's Only Life, Kate Voegele


  1. I will continue to try with your help! I think I'm gonna have a good day. Thanks.

  2. Aw, I like the attitude of this blog post. I hope that it has carried over the past few days. Look back on this post and others when you are feeling more down or less motivated. You are right- life is so not worth just numbers, losing weight, and calories and treatment. The world does not stop when we want it to stop so we just end up missing out on even more. I hope you are keeping up trying to be true to yourself and what you so definitely deserve! Love you!