Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Sounds of Silence

Thoughts for a Lazy Sunday

An Affirmation and Quote for Peace and Contentment

Bleh, no thank you..recycle much?
After waking up this morning I walked outside for my morning cigarette and witnessed an unbelievable sight. The streets were dead quiet and looked like the aftermath of the largest frat party in history! Red solo cups were strewn across the sidewalks, half empty beer cans were discarded on stoops, porches were covered in all trash imaginable, and drunk eating leftovers were left for mice and flies to devour. Where was I when this chaos was ensuing? I was pleasantly cuddled up in my room watching The Parent Trap and eating yummy take-out. I went to the concert but I didn't quite divide and conquer. I truly did give it my all and lasted a good 3 hours but after that the heat and crowds were starting to get to me. I just wasn't having fun. Luckily a friends was feeling the same way I was and we left together. I received texts later saying "I really missed out" and "Jay-Z is playing right now!" but it didn't bother me. I was content with my decision to leave and had an enjoyable night despite missing the main acts at this monstrous music festival. I was not enjoying myself. It just wasn't my scene or what I like to do. I didn't see a point in rallying and trying to force myself to have fun when I was just tired, hungry, and over it. I did my best and the fact that I was not alone in wanting to leave made all the difference. Perhaps if I was on my own in feeling blah I would reevaluated the situation and my mood but I wasn't alone. Having company in my feelings give me confirmation that it was ok to admit that the huge festival just wasn't for me and allowed me to go home guilt free. And today I feel at peace and content with my decision and in my mood. When I witnessed the debacle on the silent streets this morning I couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. I imagined all my friends sleeping off their nights or hungover in bed and I am pleased to say that I am awake and feeling fabulous. I missed a night that they probably don't remember anyways and I am energized enough to go home this afternoon for my family's Labor Day barbecue. Initially I didn't think I would go but I am happy to welcome a break from this party atmosphere and see my baby cousins who inspire me everyday. This morning have an affirmation and a quote for us that continue the themes of peace and contentment. My hope is that we can ponder these words and allow them to carry peace and contentment through the remainder of our days. The first is the affirmation-

I allow all negative emotions to quickly and quietly evaporate, creating space for peace and joy in all areas of my life.

Don't let your mind be like TLC's Hoarders! Clean it out!
As I often say I like affirmation and quotes that provide me with a visual. Again, this is an affirmation that lends itself to visualization. I can see the negative energy in my body and mind slowly disappearing from existence. As it fades I see more room developing that is ready to be filled with positivity- peace, joy, and contentment. In order to embrace the positive forces in life we need to make space for them within ourselves and in our lives. The only way to create room is to eliminate something else that is taking up time, space, and energy. We must choose to make room by allowing the negative emotions to evaporate or miss out on positive aspects of life by clinging to the negative. I also picture a room full of junk that should be disposed of yet we hold on to it because the items of sentimental value or we are afraid that if we get rid of the stuff we might want it again later and we will no longer have it. Yet right outside the room is a pile of new, beautiful items that are ready to fill the room but the junk takes up all the space. The new items can't come in because there simply isn't any place for them. Lets eliminate the junk, the negative thoughts and emotions, and create space for the new, positive things that are just waiting to come in. 

Finally I have 2 quotes for you this morning that reflect contentment and being satisfied with what we have at the moment. The quotes are saying pretty much the same thing but I felt the need to include both. The first is from Socrates, who clearly had the original idea, and the second is from Oprah who works with a similar idea but elaborates a little more and puts it into more modern and understandable words-

“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” 

- Socrates

“Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.” 

- Oprah Winfrey

I usually shy away from Oprah Winfrey quotes because quite frankly I don't like her. (But I will spare you my Oprah rant for today.) But this quote was just too fitting and the fact that I came across these two quotes that compliment each other so well just pushed me to include her quote this morning. Too often I think about what my life could be, what I could have done differently, what else I want, what others have that I don't, and I start to get down on myself. I missed the bulk of the concert yesterday and I could be really pissed at myself today. But instead I am thinking about the happiness I found in the choice that I made. I got to relax, watch a movie I love, enjoy a yummy dinner, and spend time with the friend I left with. Overall I had a good night and because I got a solid sleep (unlike most of my fellow students) I am ready to have a nice and enjoyable day with my family. I am thankful for the night I had and I wouldn't go back and change my decision. Despite my hatred for Oprah I have to agree with her and Socrates- we must be content with what we have rather than search for more because in reality even if we end up with more we are sure to remain discontent. We're always going to want something more or different. Nothing is never perfect and no amount of anything is ever enough. There will always be that something we want a can't have- an expensive handbag, another person's seemingly perfect life, a different choice than the one we have made, more money- but the truth is none of these things will bring long last fulfillment or contentment. Lets focus on what we have and appreciate the gifts we've been given in our lives. What you have, what you've done, and who you are is enough. 

Live in peace and contentment because your life is worth appreciating,

Me with my beautiful baby cousin. She's older than this now but still inspires me to stay well every day!

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  1. Count your blessings has always been too trite and not specific enough for me. Thanks for giving me realistic and meaningful quotes and affirmations.