Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rest Your Weary Head

Thought For Bed Time

An Affirmation and Prayer for Hope

Things have not been easy for me recently. Every day feels like a struggle as I try to manage thoughts of failure and attempt to cope with feelings of disappointment and loss. I have been spending too much time thinking about my past and wishing I could do the impossible and reverse time. My atypical and painful history is debilitating me from moving forward and enjoying the present. I feel trapped by my mind and by the sadness of my past experiences. I wish I could make the thoughts and emotions stop. I long to be numb to my painful memories. I can't stop thinking about friends I have lost, time I have wasted, and opportunities that I have past me by. I am nearly 23 years old. I should have graduated college and be moving on with my adult life. But instead I am still in school and forced to deal with a situation I never imagined I would be in. In my mind my life is not on track and this atypical life path does not correspond with the hopes and dreams I once had for myself. Tonight I am sending out a plea to the heavens- please inspire me with a sense of self, purpose, and most of all hope. Today I am straying from my typical format and instead of offering you a traditional evening affirmation I am providing an affirmation for hope because hope is what I need most right now-

I am now recreating myself, one positive belief at a time.

I was unable to find an affirmation that specifically mentioned hope but I feel that this affirmation serves my intended purpose and stays true to the topic of this post. I chose this specific affirmation because of its connection to my personal challenges at the moment. I am allowing my past to inhibit me from moving forward with my life. My constant pondering over previous experiences is preventing me from discovering who I am now and appreciating all that I have in my current life. My situation is not ideal but it is not hopeless. I am progressing, although not at the pace I would like, and I am slowly moving forward despite my feeling of being stuck or trapped. It is time for me to recreate myself, figure out who I am, and what I want for myself in the future. One positive and hopeful belief at a time I can build a life for myself that is filled with joy and love. I can create an identity based on who and where I am now. I am not bound to or limited by my past. I cannot erase or change it but it does not need to define me. Tonight I will think about this affirmation, strive to embody it, and send my prayers for hope out to the divine. The only way to move forward as well as appreciate the present is by letting go of past beliefs and experiences that hold us back. I cannot rewrite my history or undo my past actions and neither can you. But we can choose to be filled with hope and build identities for ourselves based on positive beliefs that we possess now. 
Let the old beliefs fall!
I believe that I can wake up tomorrow and continue looking forward. I believe that I have the ability to finish school in my own time. And I believe that I am worthy of respect, compassion, and love. It's not a lot for now but it's enough to get me started. Tonight as you rest your weary head think about some of your personal beliefs. You don't need to form a lengthy or complex list. Just give yourself enough positive thoughts to create a foundation for your new identity. More beliefs will come naturally and we will be able to continue recreating and building identities for ourselves that correspond with who we are now and will help carry us confidently into the future.

Tonight I pray for hope for all of us,

A Prayer of Hope-


  1. You help me keep up the fight. Thanks.

  2. I too cannot seem to get out from under the heavy weight of regrets I am carrying. Thank you for the encouraging insights.