Friday, October 26, 2012

Simply Happy

Life is Good

An Affirmation for Happiness

Today I am pleased to say that I feel at peace and simply happy. It just an ordinary Friday and have nothing especially exciting on my schedule but I am unexplainably content and I see no need to question it or attempt to analyze it. I was able to sleep a bit later than usual today but am still somehow well on course to complete the work I had planned for today. I met a friend earlier to do work and enjoyed chatting with her, catching up, and simply spending time with someone I enjoy being with. I  unexpectedly ran into another friend who I hadn't seen in a while and was happy to catch up with her a bit and plan to see each other again in the near future. I indulged in one of my favorite simple pleasures- choosing a new day planner and purchasing holiday cards- as I rev up for the not so distant Christmas season (my absolute favorite time of year) and the new year which will be here sooner than we know it. 
Get excited ! Christmas is coming !
To me nothing is worse or more irritating than having the year change without being equipped with a new day planner. (My day planner is my life in paper form and I never go anywhere without. Therefore finding the perfect new one brings me an unprecedented amount of joy...) As I write this post I am sitting in Starbucks sipping my favorite coffee, relishing in the fact that I am on top of my work, and feeling simply happy and that life is good. Seeing as I frequently share my personal struggles or disappointments with you I felt it was only fair and fitting that I share my positive feelings and energy with you as well. Today I am offering you an affirmation for happiness in the hope that I can spread the joy and that my positivity and contentment can virtually rub off you via this entry-

I feel happy and relaxed as I go about my day.

Don't devalue the concept of simplicity and of being simply happy-
This affirmation is simple and straightforward but it includes everything I would like to convey in this entry. Today I can honestly say that I feel as if I am already embodying this affirmation. Some days this affirmation may seem challenging. It may seem unfathomable to you at this very moment or perhaps like me you are already feeling content and at peace today. Regardless of how you may feel at this moment I believe that this affirmation can prove to be beneficial. If you are simply happy today use this affirmation to support this feeling and recommit yourself to it if it begins to waver later in the day. If you feeling low or having a less than ideal day try to use this affirmation to build yourself up and raise your spirits. Replay the line in your head, say it out loud, repeat it as many times as you need. Remain open minded and hopefully the more you hear the message the more it will sink in the more able you will be to believe it. As we go about the daily tasks of our day- work, class, assignments, engagements with friends, conversations with peers and family- allow yourself to continue to feel "happy and relaxed." Right now I consider myself lucky because I am already experiencing both of these emotions. However if either begin to waver as my day progresses I know I can turn to this affirmation and attempt to rekindle these positive feelings. Today I am simply happy because I am able to look around and both see as well as believe that not only is life good but my life is good. Despite the challenges I have faced, misfortunes I have experienced, and losses I have endured I can still feel happiness and if I can be simply happy than I see no reason to complain (at least not today...)

Enjoy your life and claim your happiness,

Simple concept, simple action, simple happiness-

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