Saturday, October 20, 2012

Simple Gifts

Finding Happiness Everyday

Creating Your "Happy List"

Every once in a while I like to remind myself and you, the readers, about the point of this blog by getting back to the foundation and writing an entry about the basic idea of happiness. Today I want to focus on recognizing simple gifts and finding happiness everyday by creating a "Happy List." Your "Happy List" is comprised of the simple and little things in life that bring you joy and lift your spirits. It's a really basic idea but I think it could be really useful. If there is ever a day when you feel down, things just don't seem to be going your way, or life just seems unbearable you can turn to your "happy list." This list can remind you of all the things out there that bring you happiness. It can help you to remember the simple gifts that make your life worth while at a moment when nothing seems to be. It can also offer suggestions of things you can do to brighten your mood when you're stuck at point of lowness and misery. I have already started to create my personal "Happy List" mentally and plan on entering it into my journal as soon as I find a spare moment. I will share part of my list with you all so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about.

  • Starbucks French Vanilla Ice Coffee
  • I casual glass of Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc with friends
  • New designer shoes
  • Rereading letters from friends
  • My first cigarette of the morning
  • The curiosity of my kitten, Milly
  • Movies: The Sound of Music, A Little Princess, Uptown Girls, The Wizard of Oz, Mean Girls, Cruel Intentions.
  • Returning home after I long time spent away
  • Pictures of cute kittens (even ones I google on my own..)
  • Seeing my older brother
  • Songs: Ooh Child, The Five Stair Steps. Keep Breathing, Ingrid Michaels. Changes, David Bowie. Under Pressure, Queen. The Show Goes On, Lupe Fiasco. Uptown Girl, Billy Joel.
  • Receiving unexpected texts from good friends
  • Genuine hugs from people I love- family, friends, children I babysit, my little cousins
  • Me and my baby cousin, Elin
  • Christmas! (Music, decorations, presents, time with family, cheesy commercials, everything about it!)
Rockefeller Center at Christmas Time!
This is just a sample from my list (and it is already quite long) and even creating it has brought a smile to my face. When I think about these little pleasures, most of which I can access every day, I realize that life is worth living. No matter what is going on or how bad I feel these things remind me that I can be happy and even have the ability to create happiness for myself. We often get bogged down by stress and negative experiences that we forget to recognize and recall the simple gifts in life that make us smile, laugh, and bring us cheer. Whenever I am feeling shitty I can watch one of my favorite movies or listen to some songs I enjoy and raise my spirits. When I am feeling depressed or as if life is too difficult I can remember the strong, happy emotions I feel when I see my brother, during Christmas, or when I return home and I can get myself through the bad times knowing that good times will come again. And when I really need a pick me up I can drive out to Neiman Marcus and splurge on a pair of designer shoes for that will at at least momentarily lift me up and from know from experience that they will make me smile whenever I put them on.
Start making your "Happy List" today !
 I encourage you to make your own "Happy List." It doesn't need to be as long or detailed as the one I presented you with. As always you can start small. Start with a short list and let it grow naturally as you begin to think of more things that bring you comfort and joy. I think you will find, as I did, that the list just continues to grow without much effort or thinking too hard. There are so many little things in life that make us happy if we just take the time to recognize them. 
And for fear of forgetting to include a quote in this post I have a very brief and simple one for you today that works perfectly with the theme of simplicity that I continue to touch upon in this entry-

"If you want to be happy, be."

- Leo Tolstoy

Lets not think too much about it and, as Tolstoy suggests, just be happy if that is what we wish. Put a smile on, find happiness everyday, and simply "be!" I promise you joy and happiness are out there if you just take the time see them!

Good luck and be happy,

My Favorite Things, Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music

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