Friday, October 19, 2012

Early Bird Special

Thoughts for this Morning

An Affirmation for Balance and Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

These past few days have been difficult for me for no reason other than my body decided it wanted to get sick again. I have already had the flu this season and now I have been recently struggling with a major head cold- nasal congestion, sinus pressure, headache, burning eyes, the works...Why is it the my body refuses to cooperate with me and accommodate my crazy lifestyle and hectic work schedule? Well perhaps it is for those reasons exactly. I have been trying to accommodate all my wants as well as my responsibilities. My body can't keep up with my over zealous plans and actions. I can't maintain a wild social life (that has me going out upward of 3 times a week), the pressures that come with an Ivy League education, and my health. Something has got to give and because I have refused to miss out socially or let my studies suffer my health was left to deal with the consequences. Now that I have come to this realization it is time for me to be smart, heed my bodies warning, and take action. I must consciously choose to find a balance and recommit myself to a healthy lifestyle. We can't expect to be wonder woman (or man) and do everything all the time. I need to find a balance between school and social as well as family and friends. At the same time I need to learn to balance my levels of sleeping, food intake, and alcohol consumption. If I sleep all day one day I am sure to be up all night the following evening. If I restrict all day I am more likely to overindulge at night and feel guilty. And when it comes to drinking I just need to find a happy medium between sober and drunk. It's all about balance and am going to try to dedicate both myself as well this entry to the themes of balance and health.

Life is a balancing act-
I balance my intellect with my heart, and receive peace, strength, and wisdom in return.

Remember this guy ?
My heart may be telling me to go out on Tuesday night, drink and have fun with friends, and go to sleep at G-d know what time. But my intellect reminds me that I have a class at 10 am. Wednesday mornings and I can't afford to go to sleep at 3 am. and expect to wake up for my class and be productive during the day. If we can't find a balance and continue to push ourselves beyond our limits we will never be able to attain a healthy lifestyle. We must find a balance between our wants and our needs, our desires and our responsibilities, and ultimately our heart and our head. We know what we need to do in order to create balance in our lives. But, just because we have this knowledge does not mean we always behave accordingly. For me achieving balance will include going out on weekend nights, drinking enough so that I can enjoy myself but not wake up with an absurd hangover, and making time for my family while still maintaining my friendships and independence here at school. Balance looks like going to bed before 11 pm. so I can wake up the following day and be alert in class. Balance is eating reasonable amounts throughout the day so I don't find myself famished at night. Balance is listening to my "intellect" and my "heart" and making choices that accommodate both. If I can find this healthy balance I am sure to end up with a happy and healthy life. Remember we are not invincible. We have our limits and we have a breaking point. If we refuse to listen to our minds and bodies we will breakdown physically. But if we ignore our hearts and wants we will be miserable. The key is finding a balance between the two. If we can manage to create balance in our lives- family and friends, work and play, salad and junk food, exercise and remaining sedentary, intellect and heart- than we will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle both mentally as well as physically. Just keep in mind that we cannot do it ALL and no one expects us to!

Be mindful and respect your limits,

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