Sunday, October 28, 2012

Clear Your Mind

Thoughts for this Evening

An Affirmation for Inner-Peace

Time for these thoughts to evaporate-
My mind has been full of painful memories and upsetting thoughts the last few nights. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to get these negative ideas and experiences out of the forefront of my mind. All I want is to clear my mind and find a sense of inner-peace so that I am able to relax and get a goodnight rest this evening. I don't want my dreams to be haunted by the pain and sadness that I am currently experiencing. I don't know why I am feeling this way or why my mind is suddenly filled with memories and notions that I'd rather not be thinking about. However every so often I begin to feel this way with out explanation or warning. Tonight I am asking G-d and hoping that I am able to find peace within myself, rid my mind of the bad emotions and thoughts, and enjoy a calm and uninterrupted sleep. In order to help me in my goal I am going to reflect upon the following affirmation that highlights peace and comfort-

I am filled with a peaceful spirit that welcomes a sleep that is filled with pleasant and comforting dreams.

This evening I am hoping that the negative and painful thoughts will evaporate from my mind. Instead a sense of peace will grant me a relaxing sleep. My sleep will bring positive dreams that will replace the negative thoughts I am currently dealing with. I shut my eyes as I rock back and forth in my family's rocking chair. I shut my eyes and do my best to clear my mind. I see nothing, I hear nothing but the sound of my own soothing breaths, and let a sense of peace wash over me. I am willing to let go of my current thoughts that bring me pain. I am choosing to embrace feelings of joy, prosperity, and relaxation. These feelings help me to recognize the positive aspects of my life. I can choose to concentrate on these good thoughts rather than focus on any memories or ideas that bring me discomfort and pain. Tonight I can breathe, I can relax, I can feel good, and I can enjoy a sense of inner-peace. Discovering this peace will allow us to enjoy a comforting, refreshing, and pleasant sleep. Peace exists all around us and it is in our power to allow this peaceful spirit to enter and fill us. As we find peace our minds are able to clear any negative thoughts and we can shut our eyes with the knowledge that G-d will grant us a beautiful sleep and protect us while we rest.

I pray that we all find peace this evening and are able to enjoy the blessing that is sleep,

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