Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hello Again Friends!

Thoughts For This Evening

A Positive Affirmation

So I got a little negative feedback due to my disappearance and I still feel horrible about it. That's the one bad thing about this blog is that I feel as if I am letting people down when I craw into my hole and am not able to post. I just hope that whoever is reading this knows that when I don't post it is absolutely nothing personal. I, like you, am a human and I have my bad days, bad weeks, and even months. We all need to disappear for a while and recollect ourselves, figure out our priorities, and compose ourselves so we can face the world with our most together face. I am back and I apologize for letting any of you down. If and when I disappear I hope you can turn back to previous posts and find strength from words I have said before. Tonight I am trying to collect myself again and go out with friends. I don't want to craw into my hole. I want to face the world and enjoy myself. It is so much easier to hide under the covers (as I have said previously) and pretend that the world, its troubles, and people don't exist. But we cannot live that way. And that is why I metaphorically stand here (aka sitting at my kitchen table) and tell you that we need to be strong. We need to read this positive affirmation, embrace it, embody it, and continue on. We must hold our footing in the ground and continue on no matter what tries to get in our way. 

I always know what needs to be done, and get to doing it right away.

I chose this affirmation tonight because I want to recommit myself to activity, reaffirm the importance of positive steps, and reclaim my ability to take action in my life. I don't want to let myself or you all down in the future. Action is thought in motion. We can say whatever we want, claim that certain things are important, and state that we are strong but the only way to confirm these statement is to act on them. We need to behave in accordance with our thoughts. My words are meaningless if I refuse to act on them and make good of them. I hope you know that everyday I try to the best of my ability to be strong and commit myself to the words I share with you. We are good, strong, fabulous, and important people. Believe what I share with you and I will do my absolute best to believe it too. Believe these words because we are worth it. 

Stay strong friends, I am trying my best to not let you down,


  1. YAY!!!! I'm doing my best as well. Thanks.

  2. You always come back stronger! You are a fantastic role model!

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