Sunday, October 14, 2012

Starting Off Strong

Heading Into a New Week

Building Momentum for Monday

Today has been a little less productive than I would have hoped. The weekend proved to be exhausting and this Sunday was spent recuperating rather than completing the work I had planned to do today. Despite this slow and lazy Sunday I am feeling strong about the upcoming week and my ability to be productive in the near future. Tomorrow is Monday and it is time for us to build momentum and prepare for a productive, positive, fulfilling, and happy week to come. Lets use tonight as a period of relaxation, preparation, and meditation so we are able to start off strong tomorrow and carry this momentum into the remainder of the week. I have chosen an affirmation for us this evening to help us in our quest to begin this week on a positive note.

I am naturally motivated and have all the energy I need to build and maintain momentum.


This affirmation couldn't be better suited for my entry tonight. We have the energy within us to build momentum and maintain it throughout the course of our week. No obstacle or challenge will hinder us this week or detract from the strong momentum that we have created. Our personal motivation enables us to keep going and face every task that we are given this week. We will use tonight to create a strong and steadfast drive that is able to propel us forward and achieve all of our goals in the upcoming week. Mondays often have a negative connotation but I like to look at them as a fresh start, an opportunity to begin again, and full of possibilities for the week to come. Lets be optimistic about this Monday and put a positive spin on it. Our momentum enables us to seize the opportunities and possibilities that Monday offers. Tomorrow is a new beginning, the chance to start off strong, and an opportunity to have a fantastic week. Lets not associate Monday with back to work, back to school, back to the same, stressful routine. Instead we can associate it with all the positive and optimistic feelings that accompany a new week and a clean slate. I am going to use the remainder of tonight to organize my thoughts and work in preparation for the week. I am going to clear my mind and unwind in order to be well rested and strong for my day tomorrow. Join me in using this night to prepare yourself for the week to come. We can build a momentum that will stay with us throughout the entirety week and help us to be productive and successful in the when tackling all of our challenges and tasks. We have a great week to look forward to and tomorrow is only the beginning!

Rest well friends and prepare for the week to come,

It's almost Monday and it's MORE than ok !

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