Sunday, October 21, 2012

Strong Man Competition

Finding and Using Your Inner Strength

An Affirmation and Quote to Help Handle the Big Days

I most definitely have a big day ahead of me. I am getting brunch with a friend who I haven't seen in about a year and I have a large assignment due by midnight tonight. I am not so concerned about the assignment. I have already put a lot of time into it and I never worry about getting my work done. I am a dedicated student and know that I have what it takes to tackle my work even if stress and anxiety ensue during the process. I am more focused on finding my inner strength and then proceeding to use it when spending time with my friend this afternoon. I am seeing a high school friend who I have not had a lot of contact with over the course of the past few years. Most of my high school friends kind of disappeared and were not supportive during my continuous struggles, rounds of treatment, and repetitive relapses. It seemed as if they gave up on me, no longer wishing to deal with the burden that came with the friendship they pretty much left me during my times of need. I have no patience for fair weather friends. We have been friends since childhood. We have had some fabulous and fun times together. You'd think there would be some degree of loyalty and compassion that comes with over a decade of friendship. However we can't put too much faith in other people. Not everyone handles situations and friendships the same way that we may. But I am giving it another go (and perhaps that is an error in judgment...only time will tell) and I reached out to my friend in spite of the issues we have had in the past. I have been thinking about this brunch for a few days now. Last night I was so overcome with nervous energy that I had a difficult time falling asleep. 
Brunch time !
When I see her I want to prove that I am getting along fine, I am pursuing my dreams, I am meeting new friends and building a new life, and I have remained strong despite her lack of support. The thought of seeing her brings butterflies to my stomach. But the thought of ensuring that I come of as a strong, put together person who has their life in order makes me even more nervous. I am worried that I am not all of these things I wish to portray and that she will see right through my act. It is time for me to tap into my inner strength. I have already done so a little bit by initiating the get together. But I must utilize even more upon seeing her in order to believe that I am strong, that I am in control, and that I have a life that is slowly moving in the right direction. If I can use my inner strength in order to believe these things than I can call upon it once again in pursuit of showing this friend that I am moving forward with my life although she and my other friends chose to abandon me. This brunch is a huge step for me. I am facing an individual that was once a dear friend and who let me down. I am taking on the task of proving to her and myself that I am more than ok. This is an important brunch, a crucial encounter, maybe even a turning point for me and our friendship. This brunch, more so than the assignment I have due this evening, is characterizing today as a big day and I need to use every ounce of my inner strength to tackle it. This morning I would like to look at an affirmation and a quote in order to help us find and use our inner strength in order to handle the big days. 
First I will present you with an affirmation regarding strength and confidence-

Acknowledging my strengths gives me the confidence to overcome any situation and challenges that I am presented with.

Time to believe in our strengths !
I chose this affirmation specifically because it mentions the power that comes with acknowledging our strengths. I am having difficulty recognizing and believing that I am strong, that I am capable, and that I am well on my way to creating a life for myself. It is hard to acknowledge our strengths when our weaknesses are constantly being pointed out and continue to hinder us. Today as I enter this brunch I need to leave my weaknesses at the door and focus on the strengths that I possess. I need to realize all of my positive attributes and build myself up. I am a good student. I have been able to make new friends and create a semblance of a life for myself at a new school. I have succeeded in my courses and with my social life against all odds. I am healthy and I am fighting for my life everyday. My life has not been ideal by any stretch of the imagination but I continue on, continue searching, and continue fighting no matter what gets in my way. How can I say all these statements and then deny that I am strong? The world is full of people and things that will try to tear us down. It is our job to fight against these negative elements and build ourselves up by recognizing our personal strengths and using this knowledge to feed our confidence. With these strengths and sense of confidence we are capable of tackling anything the world may throw at us.
Before I say farewell I'd like to share a brief quote with you-

Our strengths are sparks of light !
"You have to rely on whatever sparks you have inside you."

- Lisa Kleypas

I like this quote for multiple reasons. Firstly, it's short, simple, and to the point. Secondly, it provides a visual that I can imagine and as you know by now I love visuals. I can imagine all of my strengths as little sparks, bursts of light, flying around inside of me and giving me the power to continue on. They are bright and shining and full of life. These sparks, my strengths, are deep inside of me. They always have been and always will be. I need only to recognize them, appreciate them, and use them to the best of my advantage. We cannot depend on strengths that may be provided by the outside world. Likewise we cannot allow negative external elements to impact us. We must pay great attention to ourselves and believe that the all the strength we need lies within us. Our powers lye in our inner strengths. If we can rely on ourselves by finding and using these bright sparks of strength within us than we can face any situations or challenges that may come our way. No matter what the challenge is- brunch with an old friend, a huge assignment, an important exam, a confrontation with a coworker, a familial argument, a big day- we can handle it by believing in our strengths, knowing we are strong, and having confidence in ourselves.

Good luck with your day whether it is big or not,


  1. I feel as if your last several postings have been aimed directly at me. They focused on topics I needed to deal with. Thank you for helping me.

  2. Hi Rach- I hope that you had a good time at brunch and that things went well. I can relate to losing friends through the years speaking of which I stink at keeping in touch with you. I'm at home until Tuesday. This semester has been insanely hectic and fall is meh for me but I do miss you and hope to get in touch even if it is just to do some homework at starbucks together :) I will have lots of writing to do this semester which is totally Starbuck's homework do-able :) Miss you buddy! Text/call/message me anytime you need anything. I really am around and need to get out of my cave :)

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