Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beginner's Luck

We're All Beginners in the Game of Life

A Thought for this Morning

Beginner's Luck-
For some reason there is something scary about being a beginner. The title implies that you're inexperienced, are uninformed, and lack capability. However lets look at it from another side, we all have heard the common phrase in gambling or poker, beginner's luck. Well for the purpose of this post lets believe that this phrase holds truth and that beginners are truly lucky. Well every morning we're all beginners to that day. None of us have experienced. No one can predict exactly what's going to happen or can tell us what to expect. Every day holds unexpected possibilities that none of us know for sure. In the sense every morning we are all beginners and we all have the gift of beginner's luck! Lets flip the saying around again and instead say how luck are we that we get to begin! I love the following quote that speaks to putting ourselves out there allowing ourselves to begin fresh each day-

"Be willing to be a beginner every single morning."

-Meister Eckhart

Babies are the ultimate beginners!
While the term beginner may be tainted with a sense of ignorance or naivety it is also associated with a blissful innocence, optimism, and the belief that anything can happen. We can wake up and allow ourselves to view ourselves as beginners and the day as new game with the opportunity for learning and discovery. Being a beginner, a novice, an amateur does not have to be marked with disdain. Instead we can redefine the term beginner. We are lucky to be beginners every morning because beginners are given remarkable gifts. Each day is a new adventure when anything can happen and these uncertainties are filled with magic and beauty. Like an infant exploring their bodies and the world around them- everything is exciting and their eyes have a sparkle that is filled with life- this can be us every day. If we choose to be beginners each morning, embrace the day and all its newness as exciting and novel, than we will no longer take the world for granted, like a newborn child we can enjoy all the energy that surrounds us, we can create our own beginner's luck every day!

Don't forget the blessings of being a beginner,

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  1. I got lucky when I began to read your blog. Thanks again!