Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Leave Cookies for Santa

Final Thoughts for Today

An Evening Affirmation

Yummy in the tummy!
If you read my other posts from today you already know that I had very weird day. I was just unsettled and couldn't focus. I didn't want to do anything at all and I was and still am unhappy with my physical self. I guess to sum it up I have been in a very bad mental space. I didn't know what to do so I contacted my doctor and tried to talk it out. Ultimately she ended up contacting my professor and I have gotten an extension on my midterm, thank G-d. But more importantly I did my best to find self soothing activities in order to calm myself and get through the rest of the day without feeling totally insane! I went back to my apartment, journaled a bit using pre-written prompts, created a calming playlist, and am now currently baking cookies to share of course! I am starting to feel ok- definitely better than earlier today. Baking is an activity that helps me relax and enjoy it especially the part when I get to share and receive lots of complements about how delicious they are (hehe)! Plus there is the added bonus that now my apartment smells like yummy baked goods! Anyways my real point is that some day we just don't feel superb or ourselves but somehow we need to cope and get ourselves through until the end of the day. I for one am happy to say that this day is coming to a close and hoping that tomorrow brings a better day. On that note the following is the evening affirmation I have chosen for tonight-

Tonight my body and my mind will get the rest it needs. I will sleep deeply and peacefully. I will wake in the morning refreshed with positive, loving thoughts that will see me through the day.

What I want to emphasize about this affirmation is the concept of "loving thoughts." We don't have to love ourselves in our entirety but we are able to nourish ourselves with positive thoughts and energy in reference to ourselves. I am going to bring up the "Golden Rule," treat others how you would want to be treated, but turn it around. Remember to treat yourself how you treat others. Too often we neglect ourselves and forget that we too are important and deservant of love and care. I encourage you to repeat this affirmation and try to follow through with it tomorrow. Allow self-love to get you through your day. I think we will all be surprised how much better we feel at the close of the day after feeding ourselves positive thoughts rather than negative.

Sleep well and best wishes for tomorrow,

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