Monday, July 16, 2012

Morning Glory

Thoughts for this Morning

An Empowering Morning Affirmation

If you read my previous post this morning, "When Panic Strikes," you are already aware that last night was very difficult for me. However I am please to report that I awoke this morning feeling completely refreshed and dare I say optimistic. One of the quotes I mentioned in my earliest entry and entered in my journal last night was "Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do," by Benjamin Spock. I am repeating this quote because it was in the inspiration behind my affirmation choice for this morning.

I feel strong, healthy, and happy. I am in control of my own thoughts. I choose to think positively. Everyday, in everything I do, I am healing and improving. Today is a great day.

If we are able to trust in ourselves and repeat this affirmation then we are bound to be able to believe these words. Maybe we don't see these qualities on the outside- strength, health, happiness- but Spock insists that what "know more than [we] think [we] do" so perhaps we obtain more of the positivie attributes than we are aware of as well. After my horrendous experience yesterday evening I was shocked to rise this morning feeling awake, alert, and alive! I must say if this is not a glorious morning, especially following the horrors of last night, than I don't know what else is! I hope if you are not already feeling good and prepared to take on this day that you are able to use this affirmation and find peace and contentment. Each day we learn and absorb so whether we recognize it or not each day a part of us improves. The more we experience in life the more tools we acquire to handle tasks and challenges that we meet during the day. Have faith in yourself and your abilities or at least trust that hidden treasures lye within you even if you're unable to see them at the moment.

Good luck finding your morning glory!

These are morning glories! Pretty beautiful, right? They definitely live up to their name if you ask me-

Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles


  1. You keep me going. Thanks!!!

  2. Aw- I hope you are really feeling better. Was this after I ran into you and after you nap I hope? Hang in there! Alright- I should be off to bed- clinical in the am- but still drinking Cupcake Pino- seriously an issue ;)