Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fighting With My Pillow!

Overcoming the Struggle to Get Out of Bed

A Morning Affirmation and Energy Tips

Oh to be a cat- sleep all day!
Oh how I love my comfy bed- completely enveloped in my comfy sheets, wrapped up in the fluffy comforter, snuggling with my babies aka my two "well-loved" stuffed animals (Little Buddy and Peanut Butter for any future references), holding on tight to my warm pillows- I hate leaving this space that metaphorically coddles me as I sleep. But, the all too familiar alarm goes off and I am forced with a terrible decision, to snooze or not to snooze, that is the question! It is so tempting to snooze the alarm repeated or occasionally turn it off all together. This morning was one of those mornings as I thought "Please don't make me lift my head from my pillow." When I say fighting with my pillow I suppose I really mean obsessed with my pillow and fighting with the alarm clock, fighting with the rising sun, fighting with the need to get up. How do we deal with these days when our beds are so tempting and our lethargy causes us to struggle to get out of bed. Well, clearly I managed since I am currently sitting in Saxby's writing this post but I know that this struggle is one many of us face daily. Who could blame us really? But I have decided to attempt to wake myself even further, although I am already awake, and perhaps help you to get out of bed if you're lucky enough to still be lounging. First a morning affirmation that have liberally manipulated to better suit my needs for this post.

Today I am not only full of energy but I am energy itself. Today is full of opportunity that I have the motivation to take advantage of. I trust myself. I am relaxed and clear minded no matter what goes on around me. I make decisions that strengthen my confidence and build upon my already existing foundation of energy. I feel awake and full of life. I am living!

Because I decided to alter the already existing affirmation to better fit with the theme of this post I am going to leave it up to you interpret it freely and utilize what ever components best suit your personal needs today. I just want to note that not only are you full of life you are living! Living is the life within you being put into action. No matter what emotions or qualities you hold they are futile if you don't act on them. Be sure to tap into this "life" within you and remember to live outside and out loud!

Additionally I wanted to add a list of natural energy building tips. Again some I have taken from elsewhere, others come from my own personal mind and experience, but they culminate to create an all encompassing list for nearly anyone and any lifestyle.

Rachel's Top Ten Energy Tips
  • Drink Water
    • Dehydration can cause weariness and exhaustion even before you realize you're thirsty. Make sure to quench your thirst, even if it seems nonexistent. Try to always carry a bottle of water with you.
  • Take a Break
    • Giving yourself time to recharge mentally and physically can be priceless in terms of renewing you energy. A little break will you give a boost and provide some momentum to get through the day.
  • Exercise
    • Exercise or just movement in general releases natural endorphins that energize us. You don't need to do and intense workout at the gym to reap these benefits it can be as simple as a walk around the block. If you're allowed and/or medically stable exercise is a great tool in order to re-energize.
  • Eat Breakfast
    • We all have heard that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Believe it or not this is true. Food is fuel and starting your day with something in your tummy is a definite way to gain energy from the start. Try incorporating a protein, such as peanut butter, because it will stick with you longer than a carbohydrate which while providing energy does not last as long.
  • Change into "Real" Clothes
    • No, I am not kidding! Lounge clothes are designed for precisely that, lounging. Putting on "real" clothes can act as an indicator that you're ready to get going and start your day.
  • Have a Regular Sleep Schedule
    • We all know that sleep is crucial but as busy adults we tend to neglect ourselves and put others things such as work or going out above our need for sleep. Having an actual sleep schedule, specific time to you go to bed and wake up, helps regulate your body and ensure that you get enough sleep during the night leaving you more awake and refreshed in the morning.
  • Indulge in a Power Nap
    • The blissful nap is one of my favorite tools. If you feel genuinely tired there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a brief rest midday. But remember a power nap is brief. If you sleep for too long you will probably wake up more tired and than won't be able to fall asleep at night.
  • Drink Coffee
    • Really? Yes I am saying it- drink coffee! Is this a blasphemous statement? Maybe. But there is nothing wrong with consuming a bit of caffeine to recharge. But remember don't drink too much because doing so will cause you to crash later. Find the perfect balance and drink it in moderation!
  • Eat More Regularly
    • I've already said this but, food is fuel. Eating more regularly throughout the day is like constantly refilling your energy stores as they get low throughout the day. You don't necessarily have to eat more but instead eat smaller meals or snacks throughout the day. It's hard to keep going if you're running on empty.
  • Be Friendly and Social
    • This may be the most important tip of all! You may be wondering how this helps build energy because for some being social and outgoing is exhausting in itself. However, I find that this tool really works. If I am alone or in my room all day it's so easy to feel tired. When you're around other people, even strangers, and casually chatting your energy levels do increase. Humans are social creatures by nature so being friendly in the outside world is actually a great way to gain energy in the morning and stay energized during the day!

Ok so now that we've gotten all that down and we have absolutely no excuse to still be lying in our beds in our lounge attire. Try one or all of these tips and let me know if they work for you! Our lives and days are what we make of them but it's hard to create fabulous lives for ourselves if we never get out of bed. So what are you doing still reading this? Get going!

You have life within you, now it's time to live,


  1. No time to talk. Gotta go!!! Thanks again. You seem to make this work.

  2. Just got around to reading Dr. Doom. Don't always know when you are posting. You really help me navigate my days!!! Thanks.