Monday, June 25, 2012

Emulating the Energizer Bunny

Seeking Energy to Propel Me

Morning Affirmation and Thoughts

My energizer role model-
I am not feeling as energetic and alive this morning as I did yesterday. This lead me to go on a search for energizing quotes or an affirmation that would help me develop some momentum to push me through this lazy morning feeling and carry me through the rest of the day ahead. Little did I know this search would not be an easy task. Most of the quotes referred to mathematical equations and science leaving me feeling a bit defeated. How can I use a quote to help me muster up emotional and physical energy if there is not one to be found? Instead I was lead to this morning affirmation that mentions feeling energized but is not its main focus.

Today I choose to be joyful. I look at life with wonder and appreciation. I find joy in even the smallest of pleasures. I feel refreshed and energized. My positive attitude heals and renews me.

This affirmation is decent in aiding me but is it enough? Maybe my mistake is in my wording. I don't want to simply feel energized, I want to be energized. There is a key difference in these two similar statements. To feel energized is merely to have it influencing you where is being energized is literally to embody energy. This is what I want! This is what I need to get me through the tasks ahead of me today! It is when I started searching for quotes about being energized is when I found the results I was looking for-

"And what is a man without energy? Nothing – nothing at all."

- Mark Twain

"Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich."

- Sarah Bernhardt

Now that's the energy I'm after!
Now these are the type of energizing, motivational quotes I was look for to help propel me forward this morning. Twain's claim that we as human beings are energy. If we lack it we are non-existent. If becoming nothing isn't enough to scare me into becoming energy than Bernhardt's quote provides a less negative spirited incentive. Following the concept that life creates more life, energy too results in the creation of more energy. By exuding energy we attract more to ourselves and in that sense "become rich" with energy. So, the only way to have more energy is to begin with at least a bit of it. Energy drives our every actions, without it we are unable to be productive, enjoys ourselves, or do much of anything. I'll leave you with one more historical quote to push this notion that energy is crucial not just to our own existence but the larger, global picture as well-

The energy of the mind is the essence of life.

- Aristotle

Our energy is the driving force of life itself. How selfish are we to deny the world of our potential energy. For this reason as well as many others we must strive to not just feel energy but actually become it, embody it, exude it. I hope one of the resources I have provided will you help in your tasks for energy or personal quest to become energized. We won't wake up everyday feeling full of life. Sometimes we need a little emotional push (and a touch of caffeine) to get us started!

Wake up, be energy, get going!

A little humor never hurts and always helps to get me started in the morning-

And if none of that was enough to get you going try this Beach Boy's classic- their music always remind of family car trips down the shore (played via cassette of course)- this upbeat and positive song should surely help to wake you up in addition to your caffiene fix!

Good Vibrations, Beach Boys

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  1. Thanks for your honesty. For showing us (me) that I have a choice every day, as to how I respond to life that is happening all around me. I get lost in all the constant noise, and search for a place of peace and solace, which is rarely found. Your words inspire me. They give me hope.