Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sleep is Medicine

Utilizing the Healing Capabilities of Sleep

A Powerful Evening Affirmation

It is officially evening and I have had a long, emotionally packed day defined by stressful academia, uncomfortable social interaction, and caloric consumption that has consequently resulted in horrendous body image and anxiety. I don't know what your individual days were like but I personally am in need of a strong, meaningful, and calming affirmation tonight.

Each breath I take soothes me. I breathe in comfort and contentment. I exhale burdens and worries. My body releases the tension of the day. Healing sleep comes easily. I wake feeling energized and fearless.

As I always do I'll pray to G-d that tomorrow is better than today but in addition I will pray for a sense of inner-peace that will allow me to forgive myself for any of today's mistakes, disregard regret, and provide me with a deep and uninterrupted sleep.

I wish you all the same peace that I long for,

Never disregard the value of prayer, G-d's love, and peace.
Let peace exist on earth and within you tonight and every night-

Let There Be Peace on Earth, Vince Gill

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