Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flip the Off Switch

Stopping the Thoughts to Achieve a Sense of Calm

An Evening Affirmation for Sleep

Today has been a very stressful day for me. I found myself overwhelmed by a range of things- school work, physical well-being, ability to be productive, passing concerns about health, etc.- and I have been having difficulty stopping these stressful thoughts throughout the day. It seemed that the harder I tried the more worked up I became. Now it is approaching my bedtime and I am going to attempt to give myself permission to just flip the off switch- stop the thoughts, release the worry, forget my long to-do list, and embrace the peace that only sleep can bring. I felt the following affirmation would be perfect for me this evening in helping me achieve this sense of calm, a mental vacation if you will.

I am ready for sleep. My body relaxes, muscle by muscle. I let go of all negative energy. I use self talk that calms my mind and comforts my soul. My sleep renews and restores me. I wake up happy and prepared for the new day.

The line that I most appreciate in this affirmation suggests using self talk in order to reach a level of mental "calm" and to "comfort [the] soul." I often underestimate the power of my own words on influencing my thoughts and behaviors. While I know I can be quite effective in manipulating or persuading others- I was once referred to as a verbal ninja- I tend to disregard the potential my words have on positively impacting me. I feel like a lot of us have this tendency. We are so keen to offer words of advice or positive insight to others but we fail to listen to ourselves or take our own advice. This evening while my thoughts are swirling I'll try repeating and listening to this affirmation. I will then attempt to talk myself down and embrace the power of my own words and the possibility that they may in fact serve me just as well as they serve others.

Permit yourself to take a break and enjoy a peaceful sleep tonight,



Don't Worry Baby, The Beach Boys

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