Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So What's the Point?

Happiness as a Lifestyle Choice

Know What You Like and Seek it Passionately

After almost a month of blogging I thought this would be a great time to get back to basic and answer the simple question: what's the point? This question is open ended meaning what's the point of this blog? What's the point of life? What's the point of struggling and persevering? What's the point of be happy? What's the point of anything really? Look at this question whatever way you choose. I personally am going to focus on the point of this blog and happiness in general. So as the blog title explains the entire point is to find or achieve happiness by what ever means suits you personally. I like to look at quotes that explain or explore different elements- good and bad- that occur in everyday life. The quote I am choosing today pertains directly to happiness just as a means of keeping it simple and reaffirming the intent behind my creation of this blog.

"The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness.  You have to catch it yourself."  

- Author unknown

Trenta Iced Coffee- my daily pick me up
While there are plenty of quotes out there that regard pursuing happiness as a futile task or the by which happiness alludes us I don't fully agree. Yes, I can concede that constantly hunting to be happier rather than appreciating what we have currently is a guaranteed way to miss out on the amount of happiness we have achieved I adamantly believe that in order to achieve any level of happiness it is our duty to actively seek it. You can start by answering a basic but also complex question: What makes you happy? Your answer will probably end up being very random, long winded, and diverse. I'll give you a brief exert of the endless list of things that make me happy: laughing, new designer shoes, time with best friends, Starbucks, Christmas, Pinot Grigio, good nostalgic memories, cold Kombucha, babies, sharing homemade baked goods, my favorite song of the moment, Gerber daisies, talking, photographs, and the list goes on pretty much forever...

Gerber Daisies- the smiling flowers!
Santa Margherita- A special treat!
With this long list of super diverse things that bring me happiness I should have no excuse to feel miserable for any extended period of time. So why do I or any of us lose happiness? While there a number of social and scientific explanations for depression and sadness I think there is a super simple response as well: We forget the multitude of things that bring us joy or we neglect our efforts to attain or achieve them. The more varying your list the more likely you are to be able to find at least one happy moment a day. If I can't afford new shoes than I'll talk to a friend if I don't have a friend around than I'll buy some Gerber daisies to have in my apartment and if it's not the season for Gerbers than I'll look at old photographs and listen to my favorite music. Keep it simple, it doesn't need to be super complex or extravegant, happiness is found most often in basic, everyday experiences. A lengthy and diverse list, of both simple pleasures and personal indulgences, makes happiness always an option that you can choose. Even it's just a brief moment it can still be found almost every day and provide you with a little uplifting boost. This ability to opt to be happy brings me to my idea that happiness is indeed a lifestyle choice. Choosing to engage in something that makes you happy everyday, opting for happiness and incorporating it into your daily life, well I believe this is a lifestyle choice. Living your life not in the pursuit of happiness but instead with the goal to actively do something that makes you happy everyday are very different concepts. Pursuing happiness can have the negative implication that you never stop to recognize the little things that bring you joy and appreciate what you already have. This is not the concept I am suggesting. Like the quote above says we all have the right to be happy but it is our responsibility to "catch it." I'm interpreting "catch it" as meaning just what I said before- know the different things, people, or situations that make you happen and seek to engage in one of them everyday. So this brings me back to one of my original questions: What's the point of happiness? The answer ultimately seems kind of obvious. G-d need us create us or put on this earth to suffer and miserable. I strongly believe that the point of our existance and life is just to be happy! We don't need to discover some exceptional purpose or philosophical meaning of life. Maybe happiness and our ability to share it is purpose enough- at least I believe that it is. So recognize the things that bring you joy and pursue them! By making this behavior part of your routine you have succeeded in choosing happiness as a lifestyle just as the closing quote suggests-

"There is no way to happiness - happiness is the way."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

Know what makes you happy and live it everyday!

I don't get anymore authentic or happy than this- Summer in New York City outside the Met, cig and Trenta Starbucks in hand, wearing my classic, fave Chanel sunglasses- owning all that I love and what makes me, me (every ridiculous, harmful, and self-indulgent element)!

Happy Day, Happy Me!

My favorite song of the moment that I listen to frequently as an active effort to make me happier or lift my spirits-
All Alright, Fun

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  1. This teaches me a thing or two about what makes my day happy!!!!!