Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good Days!

Uplifting Evening Thought

A Positive Affirmation

Today has been my first very good day in a while. I am coming off of a few rough days which has allowed me to recognize and appreciate the simple joy of a positive day. I had a great doctor's appointment, chatted with a classmate I have never spoken at length with, finished and turn in an assignment, and enjoyed a yummy dinner at home with a friend. It wasn't a super special or eventful day but all the little good moments collectively created a very satisfying day. This feeling of contentment as a relax on my bed has lead me to choose and exceptionally uplifting affirmation for tonight.

I am grateful for this day. I give myself credit for all that I have accomplished, both big and small. I love my body and give it the rest that it needs. When I wake I will feel renewed and eager to start my day.

Maybe you're not in the same mental space as me right now but at least try to pick an aspect of this affirmation that you believe or can utilize. I am shocked that I am able to read this affirmation and can honestly believe all the words coming out of my mouth- especially the portion about loving my body. But in this moment it is the truth. I truly am content with my body and thankful for all that it is able to do. Our bodies are exceptionally resilient. We can put them through a lot- they can endure pain or starvation, dehydration or exhaustion, and still bounce back and serve us in the future! Today my body was able to wake up, read as an assignment, drive me to campus, walk to class, write a paper, and carry me to my bed where I currently sit. My body is a remarkable thing, as is yours, and I am thankful for its abilities and will honor it with sleep.

Respect your bodies by dedicating this time to rest,

PS: I really love kittens and I just thought this picture was too perfect (not to mention adorable): sleep and love- perfect combination and directly reflects both the affirmation and my commentary.

Ok, maybe not the most typical or soothing of choices but this song about having a good day always manages to make me smile and gives me the urge to dance!

Good Day, Nappy Roots

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