Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thoughts for Bed Time

An Evening Affirmation

This day is coming to a close and personally my day was boring and uneventful leaving me feeling unfulfilled. However, I suppose I should be thankful that I was given an ordinary day absent of stress, pain, or anything exceptionally bad. While my day was nothing special it was ok generally speaking and I guess that is a gift in itself. So if this super normal day is in fact a gift I suppose my only hope is that your days were just as calm and typical as mine. The affirmation I chose for tonight is reflective of today seeing as it is relatively generic. But similarly to my day it should not be discounted for its lack of zest because it still holds value and will serve its purpose.

I am relaxed. I am safe and secure. My sleep will be peaceful and deep. I will wake refreshed and eager for the new day.

I would like to draw attention to two elements of this affirmation. Firstly, the importance of being safe. As we snuggle in our beds we can be comforted in knowing that any threats- real or imagined- from the day are behind us. We can shut our eyes with the confidence that we are truly safe in the solitude of sleep. The second part that I wish to note is the ability to wake feeling excited about the upcoming day. I read this and am given hope that while today may have been monotonous and dull tomorrow holds new opportunities for activity and fun! Perhaps keeping this positive mindset, believing that tomorrow is indeed full of potential will make it so. Who knows? The mind truly is a very powerful thing- we often underestimate what it is capable of. So as you prepare for sleep try repeating this affirmation to yourself and remember that you alone are responsible for creating your tomorrow.

Wishing you all an uninterrupted and rejuvenating sleep,

Perhaps sleeping with a smile ensures waking with one too? If so, I hope I am grinning during my sleep like this baby below!

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  1. I'm enjoying reading your posts. Keep it up, because it's most for you. Okay, I guess I am only an "aquaintance", but I hope you consider me a friend also. A different friend, but friends come in all shapes and sizes, forms, some are close some are not. Our time together has knit our hearts together in some special way. I'm so proud of you for taking this step, and I hope it will bring peace to your soul.