Thursday, June 28, 2012

Never Neglect Yourself

Making Time for Your Personal Needs Everyday

The Amazing Effects of a Little "You Time"

These last few days have been ridiculously hectic for me in terms of work because it is the end of my first summer session (and I thought it would be a good idea to go on an adventure to Six Flags yesterday when I really should have used the day to finish my work). But anyways, even prior to that irresponsible and atypical choice I was still frantic and crunched for time with assignments due one after the other after the other in both my classes. For a while I dedicated every waking moment to class work, I stopped journaling, and decreased my blogging as I'm sure some of you noticed. All of a sudden I started to feel completely miserable. My thoughts were swarming, confusing, and non-sensical and I couldn't even manage to fully focus on the tasks I needed to complete. I didn't understand what was going on! Yes, I was stressed but that's life as a college student. I've been stressed before. It shouldn't result in mental agony. Than all of a sudden it hit me, I had stopped expressing my thoughts and feelings in my journal or on this blog and subsequently had stopped unburdening my mind on a daily basis. I had altered my routine, eliminated my me time, and allowed my work to take over because I felt pressed for time. Well, as a result the time I spent working was less productive than if I had taken an hour or so at the start of my day to relieve myself through writing. Despite the incessant work I began journaling every morning again as I had done previously and suddently my thoughts began to calm down a bit. It did cause magical results- I still had confusing and intrusive thoughts but they were not nearly as loud or frequent. I could utilize the time I spent working more efficiently because my head was significantly more clear. So what does this mean? What is the point of this little story?

“You will be your best self when you take time to understand what you really need, feel and want.” 

- Deborah Day

Not only are we better versions of ourselves when we understand what we need but when we actually fulfill these needs. No matter how stressful or busy your day is- whether it's work, or family, or mounting errands, or a messy house, or a combination of multiple things- we will perform better if we give ourselves a little time during the day to meet our own needs. It's not about you coming first, it doesn't need to have a selfish connotation, we can think of it as being the best we can be for others by taking the time to care for ourselves. No matter what your need is whether it's journaling, taking a bath, reading, anything you do that helps you relax or positively impacts you take the time to do it. If you neglect yourself by ignoring your needs or discontinuing a useful practice because life is just getting too crazy you, your family and friends, and the tasks at hand will suffer as a result. Giving yourself a little "you time" every day, it can be 10 minutes or an hour or more if you need, can have amazing effects on your capabilities and positively impact others besides yourself. We all have personal needs and when we allow ourselves to fulfill them is when we are able to be the best versions of ourselves!

Give yourself some time to take care of you today and everday,

That's right, just relax if it's what you need-
No, we can't always get what we want but it's up to us to make sure we get what we need.

You Can't Always Get What You Want, The Rolling Stones

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