Monday, August 13, 2012

Brighter Than Sunshine

A Cheerful Morning

A Spirited Morning Affirmation

I woke up this morning well before my alarm full of energy and in good spirits. I am at my local Starbucks rather than in Philadelphia today and it feels comfortable to be back in my familiar space. I haven't been here in over a month and it's nice to see that nothing has changed- same set up, same staff that knows me well, and same general mood that I love. I have a lot coming my way today- a stressful meeting to gain "closure," a doctor's appointment, and I am seeing my brother and dad for the first time in months. Some of these events are stressful while others are exciting but now that I think about it they all seem to be a bit of both. Will the meeting be productive or would I be better off just leaving things open ended as they are? Will my appointment prove to uneventful as I suppose it is going to be or are their surprises awaiting me? What will my brother think about my weight and will he say anything to me or my parents? Lots of thoughts, questions, and uncertainty but I am hoping the following affirmation will help my sustain my good mood throughout the course of my day-

Good Morning Life! I am so grateful to be alive today and I will make the most of every moment.

I know, aren't I the annoying, cheerful, optimist this morning? But if you're feeling good I don't see a reason not to be spirited and optimistic. When I am in such moods I feel the need to share my happiness and energy with anyone I can come in contact with (hence this post-) If you are not feeling the same way I am this morning don't get down on yourself. As you know some mornings I wake up feeling like shit and that's totally valid as well. We can't wake up feeling great every morning but that doesn't mean we can't attempt to make every morning and day as good as they can be. If you don't have the same high spirit I do this morning I hope that some of my energy is able to rub off on you (metaphorically via the internet of course) and that you can use this affirmation to your advantage. Every morning no matter our mood we should be thankful at least to be alive, grateful for the possibilities that the day holds, and on sunny days like this embrace the sunshine that beats upon our faces. Repeat this positive, spirited affirmation until part of it sticks. If you can't feel grateful or commit to making the most of each moment at least greet the morning with enthusiasm! Perhaps greeting the morning with a smile will help you to gradually make the other parts of the affirmation work for you. And if not you haven't lost anything by trying!

Good morning friends,

Good morning sun, good morning day, good morning life!

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  1. I get my energy from reading your blog. I am going to make the most of each moment!!!! Thanks as always. You keep me going.