Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Early Bird Catches the Worm

Thoughts for this Morning

An Affirmation About Gratitude

A Gerber Daisy soaking up the sun-
Today I awoke 2 hours before my alarm- I love when this happens! It tells me that my body has gotten the rest it needed and is ready for the day ahead. It's as if I have an innate alarm clock that alerts me when my body is prepared to awaken and actively function again. There is no tossing and turning, no fighting with my pillow, no constant snoozing or irritating buzzing in my ear- It is just me waking up peacefully and I am thankful to have such a calming and easy start to my day. On this note of thankfulness I would like to provide an affirmation this morning that focuses on gratitude the gifts that being grateful can provide for us-

I clearly see all there is to be grateful for in life. Through gratitude my world expands.

I loved this affirmation as soon as I came across it. Too often we ignore and fail to see the simple things in our life and world that we ought to be grateful for. Little things that make you smile- a cute baby, a funny memory, a flower in bloom, a kitten, the sunshine- are worth be thankful for. These tiny things may seem insignificant but they are not. The simple fact that bring a little brightness into your day makes them significant and therefore worthy of thanks. I am choosing to interpret the second part of this affirmation in the sense that once I start recognizing the small things in life that I am thankful for I will begin to realize how many things there truly are that make me happy and in that way my "world expands." This morning and throughout the day I encourage you to reflect upon this affirmation and note all the little things in the huge world that bring you even the slightest bit of joy. Start to consciously be grateful for these things and perhaps you will realize there are an abundance of earthly things and events that bring you pleasure. The greater the amount of things bring you happiness the more likely you are to encounter it in your day-to-day life.

Look around and notice the greatness of the world,

The world is yours for the taking and appreciating-


  1. I am thankful I found your blog. It helps me find happiness! :)

  2. I taped this affirmation to my bathroom mirror and I started my morning with gratitude instead of resentment. Thank you!!!