Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Get Ready For Take Off!

Positive Thoughts for this Morning

Multiple Affirmations to Start the Day 

I am currently sitting in Gate A12 at the Philadelphia Airport waiting for my flight to board. Today is the first day of my family vacation and I chose to them the title of this post in accordance with my current situation: Get ready for take off! In my case this phrase is literal but I mean it figuratively as well. We can propel ourselves forward this morning and today with the following affirmations. They vary in topic but I think work together to encompass many aspects of the day. Plus options are always nice- if one doesn't work for you or suit you maybe another will.

I will make choices that demonstrate the care I have for my body.

I have the power to control my reactions to the challenges I will face.

I will do my absolute best.

Although these affirmations vary in topic but there is a common theme that connects them- we have the power to choose the direction of our lives. For me every affirmation is exceptionally relevant because I have been struggling to care for my body, overcome challenging situations, and live up to my full potential. This morning I am using these affirmations to strengthen my ability to push through the pain, fight, and do my best to achieve my goals. As I mentioned in an earlier post I am longing to return to school this fall. In order to begin the fall semester I must fulfill all of the above affirmations. If I am unable to respect and tend to my body, if I allow challenges to overcome me, if I back down for even a moment I risk reaching my desire. I urge you to reflect on your life and what matters to you. What will happen if you do not follow through with these three affirmations? Perhaps people that rely on you will be let down or your job will suffer or maybe you'll negatively impact your personal health and happiness. As always repeat them, try to embody, truly think about the words you are saying. This morning is a jumping off point for the rest of your day and your life. Use these affirmations to prepare you for take off! The sky is the limit- figuratively and literally.

Enjoy this summer day, 

Reach for the clouds!


  1. I am still having difficulty internatlizing the affirmations, but through your commitment as demonstrated in your daily posts--I am strengthened. Thanks for letting me tag along till I can stand on my own.

  2. I try to pick one affirmation to focus on for the day. It's working for me. Keep them coming.