Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Your Personal Best

Your Best Effort is Enough

You Are Never Defeated as Long as You Try

I WISH my sushi looked like this!
At this moment I am waiting for food delivery to arrive after a long struggle of figuring out not only what to eat but if I should eat and if so how to do it on my own. I reached out to a friend for help but ultimately we both have a lot of work to do and I didn't feel like making the long walk to her apartment so I opted out meeting her for dinner. (At least I say I opted out...maybe I just chickened out.) I was actually shocked I even reach out to her because my mind was screaming at me not to and just to remain isolated in my apartment. Regardless, after choosing to stay at home my mind was still going crazy- should I just make dinner? Should I just have peas? Should I really go all out and order Mexican? Should I walk and pick up fallafel and hummus? Should I just give up and drink an Ensure? Should I just give in and eat nothing? I ultimately decided to order sushi. I know, it's not the most challenging meal, in fact I suppose it's kind of a cop out, but it's what I feel I can do right now. Right now ordering and actually eating the sushi is my best effort. Although it probably doesn't meet my personal caloric needs it's better than nothing and so I am trying not to allow myself feel defeated. I am trying and putting forth my personal best at this moment and therefore I must believe that my best effort is enough. This food dilemma inspired me to write this post and led me to the following quote-

"Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still."
- Chinese Proverb

I love this proverb because it perfectly explains what I am going through at the moment. As long as I am still moving- slowly or in little steps- I am still trying and heading toward the right direction- a sense of normalcy, health, and happiness. Maybe you can't relate to my food debacle and maybe you can but I do believe we all have trials in our life when we just feel like backing down or giving up. But we can't give up and allow ourselves to be defeated. We must try our personal best in that moment and be satisfied that that effort is enough. Our best today may not be comparable to our previous bests or our best tomorrow but it is our best in that moment and that's all we can do. You are never failure if you give it all you can. Tonight my challenge was dinner and tomorrow it will probably be something else- my final project for class, waking up, an argument, who knows! But I do know that my food has just arrived and it is time for me to do my best to eat up! 

Keep putting forth your personal best,

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