Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sweet Dreams Please with a Cherry on Top!

Praying for a Peaceful Sleep

An Evening Affirmation

Cherries please!
So the time has come again for me to search for an affirmation, recite it, embody it, and snuggle up for a  hopefully peaceful sleep. I am not completely satisfied with myself and what has transpired today- I wish I had gotten more work done and dinner was a struggle- but now is the time for me to set these thoughts aside and relax. This sleep will help prepare me mentally, physically, and emotionally for a more successful tomorrow. No matter what has gone in your life today this time is yours and yours alone. Use it to your benefit and gift yourself some moments of calm before shutting your eyes and drifting off to sleep. Try using the following affirmation to help yourself unwind as you attempt to fall asleep-

I am willing to let my anxious thoughts go. I am consciously aware of the calm silence of my spirit. This calmness allows me to relax from head to toe and fall into a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

This is an affirmation I created/customized to meet my personal needs this evening by taking bits and pieces of other affirmations and fusing them together. The anxious energy that has developed within us throughout the day can now be released as we embrace the calmness of our inner spirits. By embracing this sense of calm we can achieve the utmost level of relaxation and consequently achieve peaceful rests this evening. If the entirety of this affirmation does not work for you do as I did and take bits and pieces that make sense to create your own unique affirmation. Tonight I pray for a peaceful sleep for myself, you, and many others who I love that I know are out there suffering and struggling.

Sweet dreams friends,

PS: I had no idea the above image blinked and sparkled when I chose it! What a fun surprise, haha!

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