Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh What a Beautiful Morning...

Cheery Thoughts for this Morning

A Morning Affirmation

Ready for the day! 
Good morning all! I guess my affirmation was well-crafted because I woke up this morning well before my alarm feeling refreshed and alive! I am ready for whatever comes my way today- bring it on world! I am heading back to the city to move a bunch of personal and meaningful things into my apartment so it feels even more like home. At the moment I am happy to be back in my usual Starbucks and I am meeting a dear friend from high school in a couple hours for coffee (I am a coffee addict if I haven't told you yet) and after that it's back to Philadelphia. I am super optimistic about what today will bring. I am not sure where this cheeriness is coming from- maybe it's because I'm pleased to be home- but I don't really care. As long as I am in this pleasant mood I am going to embrace and do everything I can to both maintain it as well as spread it. In an effort to achieve both these goals I am going to share a morning affirmation with you-

I choose to see the good in myself as well as the people I interact with today.

Flowers in bloom soaking up the sun-
I did not create this affirmation but I did modify it slightly to include "myself." Of course it is nice to see the good in others but too often we forget to recognize the great things within ourselves. This morning and the rest of the day go out of your way to give yourself and those around you the benefit of the doubt, be complimentary, embrace positive aspects, and recognize the gifts we all have to share. If we go into the day with this optimistic outlook and hold on to it as long as possible throughout the day we are more likely to see the good in the world and people around us. Simply by recognizing these positive qualities we are already setting ourselves up for a better and happier day. Look around, see smiles, see flowers in bloom, feel the fresh air, feel the warmth of the sun, and look inside yourself- recognize and point out all the fabulous qualities you possess. This beautiful morning can turn into a beautiful day- just allow yourself to see the beauty and goodness all around you!

Enjoy the day and spread the cheer,

Damn right you are!

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  1. DAMN RIGHT you ARE smart!!! You just keep me going. Oh that's right I'm smart too.