Friday, August 17, 2012

Rest and Relaxation

Calming Thoughts for this Morning

A Morning Affirmation

After a tension filled yesterday that included a confrontational conversation with my father about my eating habits and "my lack of trying after [he's] given so much" and some challenging meals I woke this morning feeling rested and calm. The healing powers of sleep truly worked their wonders for me last night. Rest and relaxation is what vacation is all about so I am hoping that I am able to maintain this calm, healing energy throughout the course of my day. In order to increase my chances of this happening I have chosen an affirmation this morning that focus on calm and peace. If you are already feel relaxed this morning that perhaps this affirmation will serve you in a similar way. However, if you are feeling stressed or high strung try to use this affirmation to bring your anxiety down a notch. As I've said before maybe it will work and maybe it won't but it can't hurt to try-
"Anchor [yourself] in tranquility"

I choose to breathe deeply. I am centered. My awareness is anchored in tranquility.

Again this affirmation is one I created by combining bits and pieces from multiple affirmations to form one cohesive affirmation that suits my needs this morning. If this affirmation doesn't not work for you I urge you to do the same. You can even flip back to previous posts and find affirmations to resonated with you or seem to suit your needs today and use them instead. Affirmations and their power are truly individual and all about you. If this affirmation doesn't provide you with what you need this morning don't be afraid to continue poking around on my blog and elsewhere to find an affirmation that will help guide you through your day. I liked the different aspects of this affirmation because it combines physical and emotional sense of peace and tranquility. I inhale and exhale feeling my lungs expand and collapse. I do this repeatedly until I feel peaceful and centered. I can feel the calm within myself and no exterior stimulation can disturb me as I continue to breathe deeply. A focus my attention on my desire to feel calm and tranquil. I am conscious of all the peace in my life and within myself. With this consciousness I can allow the stressors of the day to roll off my back and not penetrate my thoughts. If we continue to focus or keep our awareness "anchored in tranquility" outside disturbances and negative energy cannot negatively impact us. As you go through your day remember this affirmation. If frustration or unwelcome tension begins to emerge remember to breathe deeply, recenter, and refocus your attention to the peaceful aspects of your life. Don't let the outside world force itself upon you and disturb the relaxation you are working to achieve. You are in control and you have the power to maintain peacefulness throughout the course of your day no matter what external circumstances arise.

Breathe, center, focus, relax,

I love kittens! I am wishing you a relaxing day as well!

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  1. I chose to try and it helped. Thanks.