Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let's Get it Started!

Thoughts for this Morning

An Upbeat Morning Affirmation

My life line-
I woke up feeling very down and lethargic. But immidiately before writing this post I called my friend (who I haven't heard from in ages and who NEVER picks up her phone) and she actually answered! We planned a quick trip for me to go to New York to see her tomorrow before she goes back to school and I am already feeling significantly more lively than I was prior to speaking with her. I think her absence was weighing down on me and depleting me of my zest and energy. I was so angry that she had been seemingly avoiding me and I had assumed that there was no way I was going to see her before she left the city to go back to school. Now that she has pulled through and I know I am seeing her tomorrow I am significantly more cheerful but I could still use an upbeat affirmation to get me going this morning.  I hope this affirmation is helpful to all of us, I suppose we shall just have to wait and see-

Go ahead and "jump out"!
This morning I jump out of bed and greet the day with positive expectancy.

Ok so I can't go back in time and make myself jump out of bed nor can I lie and say that I did. So I suppose, for me, this part of the affirmation doesn't apply. But if you are lucky enough to still be lounging in your warm and comfy bed try jumping out right now! See if you are suddenly energized and filled with excitement for the day. However the thing I can work on is greeting this day with optimism or a "positive expectancy." In truth something positive and unexpected has already happened. I thought my friend had already left for school. When I called her I expected to hear her familiar voicemail on the other end but instead I heard a groggy "hello..." Even before reading this affirmation something positive and exciting had happened so maybe if I keep this affirmation in my mind today great things will continue to happen. As always it can't hurt to try. Maybe you're in a slump as I am or maybe you're feeling fantastic or maybe you just feel the same as you do every other normal day. But I think this affirmation can apply and be useful to anyone no matter what your mood or situation currently is. Let's go into this day ready to embrace great things, positive experiences, and exciting possibilities. After my phone call and reading this affirmation to myself I am already beginning to feel more upbeat and optimistic! Oh the magic of a quality affirmation but perhaps more so the power of contact and connection with a good friend. Stay upbeat, stay positive, and let's get this day started!

Wishing you all a positive day,

Sidenote: I wrote this entry at 9:00 this morning but apparently forgot to publish it (oops, we all make mistakes) so I am sorry for the delay-

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