Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuckered Out!

Abbreviated Thoughts for Tonight

An Evening Affirmation

After a long day of travelling I am completely tuckered out more commonly referred to as wiped or pooped (which ever phrase you prefer)! So tonight's post will be short but don't mistake my brevity for a lack of things to say because I have plenty on my mind. And I have no fear I will be back in full form tomorrow with my lengthy and sometimes overly detailed posts. But for tonight I will keep it short and sweet with an evening affirmation that I have liberally adapted to better suit my needs- I hope it meets your needs tonight as well-

The activity of the day has calmed and I am prepared to welcome the calming energy that evening and sleep will bring. I breathe in, inhaling solace, and breathe out, exhaling stress and negativity. I shut my eyes and envision a soothing image that lulls me into a peaceful slumber. I will awake with a refreshed and with a positive outlook.
Time to snuggle up !

As I wrote this affirmation I already began to feel a little more peaceful and at ease. I can see myself resting my head down and cuddling up with my stuffed animals completely relaxed and ready to embrace a lengthy and rejuvenating sleep. I hope you're days have been well and this evening you are able to shake any negativity and anxiety that you may still be holding onto from today. Remember that the night is your time and sleep is your gift. Use both to your advantage so you awake fully prepared for the day ahead of you.

Inhale, exhale, repeat,

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