Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rainy Afternoon

Time for a Mid-Day Pick Me Up

An Uplifting Affirmation

I woke up this morning feeling physically like shit- I think vacation and the different variety of foods is starting to get to not only my head but stomach as well. I thought it would get better throughout the the day but despite many efforts to remedy it I am still feeling sub-par. I hope I am not coming down with a stomach bug. My mom just got over one so it wouldn't be too bizarre if I managed to catch one. Anyways I was blessed with a rainy and overcast day. Most people would be disappointed if they got a yucky day on their second to last day of vacation to me it is a welcome relief. It was an excuse to laze around all day, lounge in the big comfy lobby chairs, and drink warm, calming tea. I am feeling a bit tired now though and my stomach is still unsettled so I thought I could use a mid-day pick me up in the hopes that it will get at least my mind feeling better. It would be nice to start feeling better and be able to enjoy the last couple days with my family since the time the four of us have together is so rare. The pick me up I am offering to you this afternoon comes in the form of an uplifting affirmation although I may treat myself to a glass of wine or something as well. (Treat yourself to something too if you see fit!) 

In each and every moment of my life, joy is a possibility. I choose joy now.

Calming Chamomile-
It took me a little while to find the perfect affirmation for me this afternoon. I wanted it to be uplifting but it needed to fit my present circumstance. As I have said before affirmations are only powerful if they suit your present needs. I think this one is generic enough that almost anyone will find it appropriate this afternoon but if it doesn't seem right to you for your life at this moment try a different one. I have never come across this one before but I like it because I think it can be applied during any time of the day- morning, evening, whenever. Joy and the opportunity to cease happiness is always around us. It is our job to recognize it and cease it! While I am not feeling great right now and the weather is lousy there are still plenty of things in my life that can bring me joy if I open my eyes. My family is together, I am in Bermuda for goodness sakes, I relaxing in a big comfy chair, there is an abundance of Chamomile tea at my disposal, and I am doing one of my very favorite things right now- writing this blog. I love writing entries because I can do it whenever I please, I don't need to censor myself at all, it's an outlet to express myself and unwind, and I know that it is reaching other people and helping them as much as it helps me. Whenever I can't find other pleasures in my life I think of this blog, this outlet for expression and connection that I have been gifted, and I perk up a bit! Too often I and we take for granted the simple things in our lives that make us happy. Right now I am going to take a look around and embrace all the pleasures- simple and grand- that I have access to. You do the same! I am going to choose to try and put my icky feelings aside and allow these good things to fill me with joy and happiness. If you like this affirmation keep it in the back of the mind and pull it out when you need. Don't let yourself forget that happiness is there if we take the time to see it!

Pick yourself up and enjoy the rest of your day!

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