Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Samaritan

Earning Good Karma Points

Helping Out and Doing the Right Thing

It didn't look quite like this...haha-
Today I was at Starbucks when I witnessed a hit and run in the parking lot. I beige Volvo sedan pulled out and hit a parked green classic MG convertible. My automatic instincts kicked in and I quickly noted and memorized the Volvo's license plate number. I asked around and discovered the owner of the green convertible. I told him what I saw and he asked if he could borrow my cell phone number to call 911. He was so thankful repeatedly saying "thanks kiddo" and "what a nice young lady." I was still around with the police arrived and they asked if I would mind making a brief statement since I witnessed the accident. Of course I didn't mind helping out although it took a good 30 minutes out of my day and I was eager to get home. The owner of the MG continued to thank me and seemed utterly amazed that I so naturally looked to do the right thing by searching for the owner of the damaged car and willing to take time out of my day to speak with the police. I guess in this crazy world we live in, where too many people are just looking out for themselves, a small offering of kindness that I thought nothing of seems extraordinary to others. In my mind helping out and doing the right thing seemed like my only option. But I suppose some people would just ignore it and go about their day without thinking twice about the damaged car or the unlucky owner. I was happy to act as a good samaritan and offer as much help as I could in this situation. Maybe it's just my personality or because I was utterly appalled by the Volvo owner's behavior but I didn't think my actions deserved any praise. I was simply doing what I felt I was obligated our ought to do. At the end of the day it can't hurt to do the right thing- it will add points too our karma- and the recipient of our actions is sure to be extremely appreciative. As usual I have a quote to accompany my little tale-

"Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking.  There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught."

- J.C. Watts

I like this quote because I think it speaks to many elements of my personal account. The woman in the Volvo clearly thought no one was looking or paying attention and therefore she could get away with the minor hit and run. She thought she was was "get[ting] by" but did not realize that someone else out there was willing to truly do the right thing and that she would be caught. Perhaps she won't believe she has done wrong until her actions catch up with her or maybe she knew she was doing wrong even in the midst of her actions. I guess I'll never know but that answer is pretty irrelevant. Our character or fiber, listening to our inner voice, doing the right thing, and holding onto our morals are important in terms of defining who we are and what we believe in. Doing the right thing- whether we believe it will be noticed or that we'll be repaid- does not only serve others but ultimately helps us well. When we shut our eyes at the end of the day we are only the ones that can determine whether or not we are proud of the way behaved during the course of the day. (The same goes in life as well- as many say we are born alone and we die alone.) As morbid as that phrase may be it is the truth. We being our lives with ourselves and our lives end in the same way. Nothing we have- material belongings, money, friends, our appearance- matters if we cannot be proud of the way we acted and treated others during our life. The only way to live is by sticking to our morals and listening to our conscience no matter what. The more we do good and act morally the more we will believe that we are in fact good people. The stronger our own belief that we are good deep down the less the outside world will be able to shake our view of ourselves. And if all of these reasons aren't enough to convince you that it's always worth it to be a good samaritan at least have faith that doing the right thing or helping out will earn you good karma points and the cosmos will pay you back in the ends.

Hold tight to your morals and have faith in your conscience,

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